February 3rd, 2009


Bento # 487 & 488

I deliberately didn't post # 487 on its own yesterday... since it looked so dull. Today's bento however is a little more interesting so hopefully it can counter-balance the dullness of yesterday's attempt ;)

And ARGH only 12 left until the BIG ONE.. and I still haven't got a clue what to make... >_<

Bento # 487
Bento # 487
Greek-style ovenbaked potato wedges. Leg-of-lamb, broccoli floret and a cherry tomato
Bento # 488
Bento # 488
Potato rösti with chream cheese filling. Thai fortune cookie, sweet/sour dip. Broccoli. Mini spring rolls with vegetables. Fried noodles with spring onions.


first post!

Ok, so I was looking at all these AWESOME bento lunches, and I was like, "I wanna make a bento lunch for myself! I never get a good lunch these days anymore." So, seeing that it was well after midnight (i'm up doing a psyc study review guide) and I needed a break, I grabbed the largest ziploc tupperware-type container we had.

Top row: Green beans with bacon pieces and onions, sliced apple
Bottom row: smoked hot dogs (halved), chunks of sharp cheddar cheese and saltines, mint oreo cupcake.


High Five!

Since I was supposed to be asleep hours ago, I'll keep this one brief. Here's bento #5 for me. The boiled egg shapers I ordered arrived this weekend, so I thought I'd give them a go. I don't think I had big enough eggs, because the ears didn't form right. At least I didn't have much prep to do, thanks to all the leftover SuperBowl party food! :D

sidecar (left): tortilla chips & spinach dip (cheese blossom for decoration)
top tier (top, right): lechon (filipino dish of roasted pig) & steamed rice sprinkled with furikake
bottom tier (bottom, right): bunnyface-shaped boiled egg, salt & pepper in the apple container, buffalo wings with lettuce to fill space
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Salad Bento?

I dunno if this even qualifies as bento, as it's really just a salad in a box. But I'm posting it because I made the egg look like a star.

Italian mixed greens; yellow, green and red bell peppers; shredded carrots; grape tomatoes; grilled deli selects chicken; star boiled egg; mozzarella cheese; S&P.

Hit the jump for my breakfast & snack bento

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 What kid doesn't like a chicken nugget? I know my kids never turn down a chicken nugget! So this bento was super easy. These are just your run of the mill frozen chicken nuggets. I added some edamame and red grapes to get some other food groups in there. I also added the cute animal picks to get a cuter look. I also packed a string cheese along with this to get some dairy into their lunch!
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Bento #81 - Gyoza & Rice

I found this beautiful purple kale at the supermarket and couldn't resist it.  I love kale sauteed with olive oil and red wine vinegar, but I've never had purple kale.  It's so pretty I don't want to cook it!  I used a little in the fried rice and then decided it would look pretty lining my bento.  Here it is:

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Left Side:
Chicken & Veggie Gyoza

Right Side:
Fried Brown Rice

WW Flex Points = 5

Me: Sailor V
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Bento 3 and 4

I decided to not count the ones I don't have pictures of. Anyways, last night I made some lunches for my mom and I. Mine was a little more bento-like than hers, but they're pretty much the same thing.

Mine: Top tier peaches and tuna onigiri with a couple pickles. Unfortunately, the peach juice leaked and the onigiri closest to the peaches had an interesting flavor. O_O
Bottom tier: Cottage cheese with a little bit of paprika. This stuff photographs horribly.
In the lid: A couple of Pocky sticks for desert and an Honey Lemon Green Tea packet from Crystal Light (Still with Splenda! At least when I bought them...) And a little salt and pepper shaker off to the side.

My mom's: big divided Tupperware container with a tuna sandwich (she didn't want to brave the onigiri route), peaches, and cottage cheese with a little paprika. The little container with the pickles had a bit more tuna salad under it because I know my mom likes it. There's a caramel pudding cup for dessert.

I know my mom's is a little empty, but our fridge is a little bare, and I couldn't think of anything to fill the space with. I'm hoping she enjoyed it, I won't know until tonight.
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Breakfast Bento for Tuesday

Pretty much the same old, same old. I mixed it up with raspberries this time. I make breakfast bentos almost everyday, I just don't post them because they all look the same. :) This breakfast bento comes to 3.5 points.

This bento contains:
2 oat-nigiri [1 cup oatmeal, 1 tsp dried cranberries, & 1 tsp golden raisins] (2 points)
2 Morningstar Breakfast Links (1 point)
1 tbsp. Lite Syrup (.5 points)
1/2 cup raspberries (0 points)
my bentoblog: wwbento.blogspot.com

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Tuesday's Bentos

My husband liked his bento so much last time that he now asks me when I'm making mine, 'So, what are you putting in mine?'. I actually wasn't planning on making him one for today, but luckily we had still had some leftovers from last week. So he was happy. I'm going to keep counting points for his bentos because: (1) he is trying to lose weight, though he's not doing Weight Watchers, and (2) that is the purpose of my posting bentos. Does anyone know of any men doing Weight Watchers? I know they have a new program for them, but I have no idea what the target points for a man would be.

My bento for today comes to 4 points.

This bento contains:
4 Cheese & Spinach Ravioli (2 points)
1/8 cup edamame hummus (1 point)
3 small sweet peppers (0 points)
1/2 cup asparagus with garlic & sesame oil (1 point)
Not pictured:
1/2 cup Classico Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce (1 point)

See my husband's bento on my blog: wwbento.blogspot.com
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Bento Challenge lunch

Bento Challenge lunch 14

CPK vegetarian pizza with japanese eggplant, sans cheese leftovers. White beans with italian dressing, carrot sticks, sweet/bitter pickles lovingly made at home.

Not technically vegan, as the pizza crust contains honey--I still consider it vegan for my own sake, as I'm particularly fond of honey....

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Feb. 03, '09

This is a bit fruit heavy, but I think that can be forgiven since the main dish was Minnestrone and Minnestrone has A LOT of veggies.

Sorry for the badly lit picture.

Feb. 03, '09

Sidecar: Banana, Frozen Grapes, Cherry Tomatoes, a few Broccoli bits
Bottom Tier: Minnestrone
Top Tier: Parmesan Cheese for Minnestrone, Ranch for the veggies, Cornbread, 2 Cheese on Cheese Crackers (originally in the top of the box), and a container of Butter for the cornbread

Was nummy!

And now I must go and put baby down for her nap! lol
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Merendis' Bento #3

Curry rice (did not end up tasting very good, but I did after all rely on a packet) with tomatoes and a tomato flower, a clementine (that orange blob looked a little silly sitting there on its own and I felt I was missing some white, so a flower! The yellow part is just a bit of lemon peel), fried tofu, and a pea and carrot flower.

What I love about this new hobby is that I don't have to feel bad about wasting when I carve up a carrot for decoration, because I can feed the scraps to my pet guinea pig!  Let me tell you, she is ecstatic that I started doing this.  She starts squeaking every time I'm chopping in the kitchen in anticipation of a tasty treat!

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Cotton Kitty Candy
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Bentos 4 AND 5!

I didn't get to post my bento yesterday (I'll chalk it up to laziness). So I have yesterday and today's bentos to show you all. :)


First off I just wanted to know what people use to hold their bento. I use this old scarf I found in my grandparents house (I think it might be my great grandma's). Does any one else do this?
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Amber von Beast


When I was 14 or 15, I got a big restaurant bento that I rarely used. Now I'm actually using it. Since the more portable bentos never carry enough food for my boyfriend, I decided to make him dinner tonight in my big restaurant bento. He was extremely happy. I think he may have even shed a tear of joy...


Clockwise from upper left: Italian dry salami, celery, pierogies pan-fried in butter, cottage cheese with blueberries and strawberries, mini Fig Newtons, Dutch wafers, mini lemon meringue pie, chocolate truffle

It was my first time working with pierogies, and sadly, I overcooked them. But he really didn't care. He was happy that I made the effort. And despite the fact that they were practically falling apart, they were the first things he ate, so they must have tasted good...

News from Ichibankan

Just a snippet that I'm thrilled about from Ichibankan's Blog


"Major Change

..we have a very important announcement today.
Due to software change, you will see a drastic change on the web store between Feb 15 and 20.
We haven't quite figured out the exact date of switch, but we will try to do it as early as possible with a minimum offline time.

+ Hawaii, Alaska, International Shipping - the new system will enable us to control shipping methods better. We are confident that we could offer expanded shipping options in the near future. Let us get the site and up and running first before expanding delivery areas... When enabling international shipping, we will start with a few selected countries."

I hope Canada is one of them!
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Cats Rule

Bento # 489.

Today I learned something new: NEVER turn your back to a bento that has chicken in it, when you have cats... I'd placed the half with the noodles on the table where I take the pictures and was in the kitchen putting the last bits in the other half - and when I came over to the table to place it alongside the first - the fox (or whatever it is) was missing an ear!!!

And sure enough, my siamese was busily occupied eating that little bit.

Now it may gross some of you out.. but.. Well I just made a new ear and that's it. It's not like he'd slobbered all over the noodles, I've seen him steal things on earlier occasions, and he just fishes it out with one pointed claw. The noodles were totally undisturbed, too.

er.. but I'm not planning on telling my kid. At least not until after she's eaten it >:o)

Bento # 489
Bento # 489
fish-shaped egg, tempura broccoli, spicy chicken on skewers. Fried noodles with kimchi-flavoured base and bits of broccoli thrown in. Decorated with more spicy chicken, more broccoli, a cherry tomato and a little bit of cucumber peel.


Pork pie and pinwheels

Here we have: a mini pork pie (with sesame seeds sprinkled on top coz it looked boring), a little cup of Branston's pickle, two cherry tomatoes for gap filling, ham and laughing cow cheese pinwheels, some marmite flavoured breadsticks and a mini swiss roll. 

Because I make bento the night before (so not a morning person) and then keep them in the fridge I've had a lot of trouble keeping things like breadsticks from getting all soggy so stopped even trying to put them in my lunches.  Then I found these cute little Hello Kitty ziplock bags in the back of a cupboard and they seem to do the trick.  Functional but cute. 

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Bento #208

Uh, hard to guess what's in this bento, right? <.<;
*coughs* anyway. I just recently learned about Cajun and Creole cuisine and got this nice seafood gumbo recipe from an online friend that I had to try out :D It came out quite tasty!
Gumbo with jasmine rice, parsley and carrot decoration (GUMBO :D). That should be more than enough food for lunch already so the small container only has some yoghurt mixed with lemon juice for stirring into the gumbo and a muffin and some grapes for breakfast.


BF's bento and extra gumbo photos on my bentoblog: http://wererabbits.wordpress.com