February 2nd, 2009


Where can I get these?! [ First post! ]

I've been watching this community for awhile, trying to figure out WHERE to get a bento box. I'd really like to go into an actual store to look at something instead of "buying blind" off the internet.

I live in Southern California (think San Diego + an hour's drive north), so something around Oceanside/Carlsbad, Ca would be absolutely perfect.

Thanks everyone! (:

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Found the store list. Nevermind (:

Bentos 3 & 4

My husband and I work different shifts, so I don't get to cook for him anymore. But when I started packing lunches for myself, he decided it would be fun for me to pack a meal for him to have when he gets home and I'm asleep.

Here's his 6am Supper.

Bottom: Turkey frank octopi on a sea of sauerkraut. Top: Onigiri, orange sections, carrot and celery sticks and dip.

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First February Bento

There are some baby carrots and celery sticks. I cut a tortilla wrap into strips and folded it to make that ribbon pattern, and on the side of that is some humus. The fruit for this one is blood orange slices and starfruit. I have a strange take on worms in the dirt. In the side on top of my silverware is a mini fruit roll up. It's perfectly Bento sized.

There are some more bento posts on my blog Bento Box Blueprints

Bento #101-103

I am going to school early before my class at 10:50-12:30 then I have work from 1:30 - 12:30 AM. So I had to make lunch and dinner for myself along with lunch for fiance who has class at 8:00 AM and then work at 10:00 AM-8:00 PM. Whew we're busy people today. But anyway the stuff people care about :] :

#101 - My fiance's

White rice with salt and pepper, hardboiled bunny egg, carrot sticks, salmon patties

He's kind of picky so I have to keep his pretty simple.
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bloom county: opus dear lj

bento #67

bento #67, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

~Cheddar-sausage corn muffins. I got the idea from whoever posted their corndog muffins in the comm last week, so thanks for the idea! (And yes, I am aware that they look slightly perverted. You don't need to point it out again, thanks. >.<) Also a few extra sausages because I had enough leftover.

~Cherry tomatoes, pear, and some kind of Asian peanut candy. Hooray for week after Lunar New Year candy sales!

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always read labels

i know one of the reasons for doing bento is to make things more from scratch, but i also know that quite a few of us use some pre prepared ingredients (pocky, drink mixes, etc)

this is a reminder to read all labels, every time you buy anything. even if you have eaten this same product for YEARS....  as an example : Lipton tea changed the artificial sweetener in their drink straws from Splenda to Nutrasweet without any notice, in fact their webpage still says its Splenda. 

This isnt really about the relative merits of any artificial swetener, its mostly the fact that for some of us, a change of ingredients can be lethal. or at least very painful.  and apparently they have no rules requiring even "New Formula" on the box or anything.

this is the second time a change form Splenda to Aspartame (which hubby is allergic to) has caught us unannounced. in a product we have used for years.
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it&#39;s time for lunch 02

Lunch for 02/03/08

I'm not sure if I've ever posted any of my lunches here or not, but I thought I'd try to start posting them once in a while!

Here's my lunch for tomorrow

Bottom of kitty box: Scrambled eggs with green pepper, green onion, white onion and mushrooms.

Top of kitty box: Salted pepitas and almonds, rice cracker mix, 2 hello kitty hard candies, and 3 chocolate coins.

Mushroom container: Apple slices rubbed with lemon to keep them fresh.
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#49: Sandwich onigiri or onigiri sandwich???

Romaine lettuche, pickled cucumbers, nori-wrapped rice sandwich with tuna-mayo filling, cherry tomatoes, Irish toffee & chocolate toffee.

The alternative (or "new & hip" *lol*) form of an onigiri is to make it into some sort of sandwich, which is what I decided to make after starting to make rolled sushi and then not feeling like rolling after all. ^^° No matter the shape, it turned out deliciously - no wonder, seeing how I used the expensive imported but absolutely heavenly Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise! ^o^

Monday madness!


My first venture into blue rice! I'll get funny looks on the train eating this I'm sure.
In the top tier: leftover BBQ ribs, a film canister of furikake, carrot hearts, red bell peppers pieces, a cup of Emmentaler and a mango-tamarind candy.
Bottom tier: blue rice hihi, carrot fish with sesame eyes and lettuce plants.
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I have an idea

But I need some help.

Anyone have ideas for what I can do to make rice grey or sliverish in color? I want to make an onigiri for GIR from Invader Zim. I wanna actually make one similar to my icon if I can. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks!!

First Post

So as this title states, this is my first post here.  I have made a few bentos and would take pictures of them but I never did anything with the pictures so I decided to start posting them here!  I don't really know how this posting thing works yet and though I have read the rules I might do something wrong.  If so, please let me know so that I can do it the right way. Thanks!

This is my husbands bento lunch for today

Left:  peas, meatballs with bone food picks, string cheese flowers
Right: Mashed potatos, carrots, Reese's Pieces, Ranch in container


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My lunches still aren't anything like some peoples but I think I'm getting better and my husband always likes them!

P.S. I don't know why there are so many cuts and I don't know how to get rid of them!  Does anyone know how?
Much Ado

Bento #15

I had exciting plans for my bck to uni bento... but ended up out working in the consrvation area all yesturday so didn't get to the supermarket. Then when I woke up this morning it was snowing, meaning the buses were hellish. So, bento made of what I had in the fridge/freezer which actually ended up being eaten at home as my last lecture was cancelled as the lecturere couldn't get in. (I know, we have 3 inches of snow and the country grinds to a halt!)

Cheese and onion pastie, cheese biscuits, cherry yogurt
Maple and oat clusters with pecans, almonds and honey roasted peanuts

Not very colourful at all. And a lack of fruit or veg... I did try to hunt some out, but all I have in mushrooms and onions, which weren't all that helpful. But the nuts and yogurt were extremly tastey! And you can see my slippers! Which i onlt just noticed...

Prob won't be making many bentos this semester, i only have 4 full days in the entire thing, otherwise I'm home by 2.
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Breakfast bento, Hard Boiled Eggs secret

An FYI for people who love putting boiled eggs in their bento, how to peel an egg without PEELING it. Handy little video, actually. Also makes a great party trick. http://www.recipesecrets.net/eggtrick.html

ANYWHO. I made a breakfast bento today. I've been eating soup for lunch every day so I haven't bento-ed in a long while. Maybe this week I'll finally have time.

Plain yogurt, triple berry granola, strawberries and blueberries. Nothing too exciting here.

2/2 Bento #54

Today's bento was for my son. Left over chicken strips with a container of ranch dip, cinnamon apples, carrot bundle, grape skewers, strawberry cobbler bar and gummy fruit for desert. No rice today, he still won't eat onigiri. He just told me he would like rice if it had salt and butter on it. I guess I will try to figure out how to make an onigiri with butter in it >_<  . That doesn't sound easy.
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Bento # 18

The man of the house sent me an IM from work saying he's not having the greatest of days, so I just made this to cheer him up when he gets home:



2 different types of onigiri: Top row is chunk white albacore tossed in spicy teriyaki sauce, bottom row is chunky white albacore tossed in sriracha sauce. <33
plate, Pete &amp; Pete

Shy Bunny

Here's a little something that I made with a cut out kit I got off of ebay.

Shy Bunny

In the bento:
chocolate pudding with heath bar topping
babybel cheese
carrot sticks
sausage and collard greens
bunny made from American cheese, ham, carrot, and sesame seed eyes

More details at Boston Bento.

Lunch #2

My first attempt at onigiri wasn't the greatest.  I really need those moulds I have on order...  Four onigiri stuffed with avocado and salmon paste with a nori handle and black sesame seed decoration.  An apple bowl filled with mandarin orange pieces and topped with craisins.  Wasabi deviled eggs and star/flower/asterik carrot slices.  All atop butter lettuce.

After attempting to eat I noticed two things: 1. The apple itself was a bad apple, but having the oranges in there with lemon juice and craisins gave everything a really nice flavour.  2. That is way too much rice.  I was stuffed.

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Bentos for My Kids

My daughter's bento. She is picky and there is no rhyme nor reason so I have to pack enough for her to be satisfied from her lunch. She is three.

Bottom tier: Tempura sushi rolls from Trader Joe's, string cheese
Top tier: Meringue cookie, three celery pieces with cream cheese, trail mix

Sorry the focus is wrong for this photo. This is my son's first bento. I've been hesitant to make him one because sometimes he doesn't even bring his lunch bag home! But since tonight I discovered Daiso I don't mind. I paid $1.50 for each of these bentos so if one (or both) get lost it's not a big deal. Plus, at $1.50, it's cheaper than my son buying lunch from the school!

He has the sushi rolls from Trader Joe's, trail mix, and a meringue cookie. Outside his little bento box is a piece of string cheese, celery, and an orange. He is 9.
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