February 1st, 2009


Bento #2

Left side: Baked salmon on a bed of baby spinach. Right side: One of my first onigiri, leftover green beans with onions, and radishes.
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Bento #99-100

It's funny I wanted to do something big for my bento 100 and I ended up being pretty disappointed with it. In fact, at the same time I made #99 for my fiance and ended up liking his more. I think the fact that I'm not artistic didn't help. Haha.. Not to mention the picture came out better. Oh well, I still would like to celebrate reaching 100. So anyway, my fiance and I both work all day tomorrow so here are our lunches:


Chocolate muffin, ham and cheddar cheese rolls, peach, and a hard boiled egg
-Salad in the background

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This bento is from Friday for lunchtime: 

boiled egg, prosciutto sandwich and pineapple.
But walking to go to lunch on Friday, I dropped my bento, and now there's a huge crack in the bottom tier. D:

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Bento for picky eaters

I was just reading the Week 4 Challenge at Just Bento. I'm not participating, but she specifically mentions picky eaters, which is a huge pain in my household! I live with my husband and our one roommate - my husband has a hearty (but picky) appetite so he gets a large Lock N Lock box for his bento, and my roommate, bless her, is one of the most picky, birdlike eaters on the planet (I just bought her a smaller Tenmari bento).

At this point I've solved this by sticking to tried and true methods - my husband generally gets a build-your-own sandwich bento with some appetizing snacks tucked in with the ingredients, and my roommate gets things I know she likes. What suggestions does everyone have for preparing varied, interesting bentos for picky eaters?

So far I've stuck with preparing new recipes for dinner and outright asking whether they liked them. I even keep a chart of who likes what so I don't get confused. More than anything, though, I want to introduce them to some of the yummy things I see on bento sites without them grossing out. Any ideas?

My Stainless Steel Bento Collection

I have had several people express interest in my stainless bento boxes. I thought I'd post a photo of my complete set and if anyone is interested in a particular item let me know and I will post a link to where I got it. I LOVE my stainless gear! :D
Admin. if this is not appropriate I will delete. :)

This is my collection. I feel like it is almost complete. I would love to find some little sauce bottles for soy sauce etc. Right now I'm using glass ones. I have gotten things from about 8 different companies.

I have 6 different boxes ranging from a small 2 tiered round box that holds 600ml, to a large double walled two tier round box that holds 900ml.
I have 2 sizes of single tier oval boxes (my favorite) and a thermos. There is quite a variety of lidded sauce cups and food divider cups, condiment containers, picks and sauce bottles (the only thing not in stainless). There is even a nice stainless steel drink bottle. There is definitely enough here to do bentos for the whole family.

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another effort at fried rice

used SPAM, the mixed salad greens and sticky rice with a dash of teriyaki sauce (store bought)

I like using mixed salad greens - but then I always liked a wilted salad instead of most cold salads

It still needs tweaking but is getting there

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Bento #2- Slightly More Boring

I've created my second bento ever! It looks a bit more boring than the first, but I made my fishy-egg so I'm happy.  I live in a dorm with no stove so I boiled the eggs in my electric kettle... it worked surprisingly well. Anyways, I've ordered a bunch more stuff for my bentos: a few more boxes/containers, some dividers, more sauce containers, etc. I'm eagerly awaiting their arrival!

Top Tier: pepperoni pizza Lean Pocket

Bottom Tier: carrots and celery; blue cheese dressing in the penguin sauce cup; fish-molded hard-boiled egg; red grapes on skewers

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Tried some new foods....

Top: Strawberries and grapes. Bottom: slices of soy egg on Spring mix, with container of soy sauce. Sidecar: rice heart, sugar snap peas, grape tomatoes, tea egg. This is the first time I've ever eaten soy eggs or tea eggs.
Me: Sailor V
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[photographed] Bento #2!

I'm really not sure how I should keep track of my bento boxes since this is only the second that I photographed. I made 2 others, should I ignore those and just keep record of those I've made, or just have a small gap in the beginning of my bento adventure log?

Anyways, Here's my quicky left-over lunch for tomorrow! Tonight I made some tacos for my mom and I since my dad is off at a Super Bowl party, so it's a mini Mexican Fiesta!

To all the people that told me this box is too tiny for an adult. NYAH! That's about two tacos worth of food in there! (This comment didn't refer to anyone in this community by the way.) Unfortunately, I ran out of lettuce, so there's no greens. Anyways, I have on the left some seasoned lean ground beef with some Mexican cheeses on top garnished with some chives. On the right, I have two broken shells, a dollop of sour cream with a little more chives, and a mini skewer of spicy tomatoes. I have a thermos filled with chocolate milk and a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie ready to go too. Yes, the shells will be soggy tomorrow, but if I'm eating a taco cold, I actually like a soggy shell. I don't know, maybe I'm just a weirdo.

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This took me all of a minute to put together. Obviously nothing really fancy, but I still think it's kind of cute. Though that may just be a skewed view because of the set that I used for it. haha! I'm still eagerly awaiting 4 packages of bento items that are very slowly making their way from Japan to my home.

First Lunch

I just decided to start making bento lunches, so here is my first shot:

I'm in Poland, so getting supplies isn't easy, but I have some boxes etc. ordered, and hopefully that will make the experience easier.

In this first lunch- Buckwheat soba noodles with homemade peanut sauce and black sesame seeds on top of butter lettuce.  Clementine pieces on top of sugar peas, tuna and tofu meatballs wrapped in nori (originally because they kept falling apart, but they tasted really good!) on top of cucumber slices. I know the color isn't that varied, but it's my first try and before some serious shopping.

No recipes for the sauce and meatballs, just winged it.


High-protein bento

I see a lot of bentos around here that are either vegetarian or mostly fruit, veggies and carbs. While I totally envy those meals (I'd pack nothing but fruit and veggies if I could!), they're not practical for me because my blood sugar crashes if I don't get enough protein. I find it aggravating to accomodate this as I'm really not that big of a meat-lover, so I have to have several sources of protein in each meal for it to be enough. I thought I'd share this high-protein (though definitely not low-carb) bento in case anyone else is in the same boat and looking for ideas.

Top tier: Port wine cheese, crackers, Chex Mix over raisins, pineapple wedges
Bottom tier: Boiled egg and octodogs over shelled edamame
In the lid: Oreos

Robert Downey Jr

18th and 19th bentos

I made two similar bentos for me and my boyfriend. I have the blue one, he has the neutral-colored one.


Top tier: Celery, almonds, chicken shu mai, dried cranberries, soy sauce in the piggie
Bottom tier: Strawberries, blueberries, bananas, pear tart

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