January 31st, 2009

Selling my bento collection...

Hey everybody, I know I know... I hate these posts as much as you all do. The ones where people don't post a pic of a bento, and either ask a question that's been asked a million times or post something they're selling. In this one, I have no questions, but I am selling my collection.

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My token Hello Kitty bento

I am not sure if I like Hello Kitty or not - not even that familiar with HK overall - BUT when I looked at an assortment of HK items on Ebay I picked this one because the flower is different.


First meal of the day is fried rice made with some SPAM, deli ham, wilted mixed salad greens topped with a dash of teryaki sauce and a side of banana.

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something light

I am not feeling too well and not sure when my husband will be home from work so I figured I would make a light meal for now.

This is in my first Shinzi Katoh box - an onigiri box.  I made an apple and mixed cheese quesedilla type sandwich, some cashews, chocolate chips and a Nutrigrain bar. 

Any ideas of how to make my own food bar like the Nutrigrain bar?


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Halloween sun
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Question about shop

Has anyone in AZ gone to the new Mekong Plaza? Someone just recommended I go there for vegan Asian foods, but I was wondering if anyone has been there and if there are any bento supplies at any of the shops in the plaza. I'm looking for a shop to get supplies from because I have followed this community for over a year but still haven't made a bento yet!