January 28th, 2009

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One for me, one for him

My boyfriend is sick, but he has to go to work anyway, so I decided to make him a bento to cheer him up. And of course I had to include a Hamtaro divider in there, just to make him smile. One day, I plan on making an Astérix-themed divider for him. That's his favorite cartoon of all time. All I need to do is get a hold of a laminator...


Top tier: Feta and carmelized onion pastries, carrots, blueberry muffin
Bottom tier: Italian salami, habanero cheese, mini toasts

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I've been lurking on this community for a while but this is my first actual post. I've had some fun with food coloring as you can see by my green onigiri. The onigiri are filled with salmon. Then I have a salad topped with some more salmon, a fruit salad with apples kiwi and blueberries, and strawberry kiwi gummies.

There are some more bento posts on my blog Bento Box Blueprints

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Cheap bento food

I apologize if this isn't allowed, but it seemed like such a good deal I had to share!

Those of you who have a Costco membership, or know someone who has one, Costco this week has bags of broccoli florets for about $3.50 (they're huge, so I split mine with my mother) and big 1.5 pound boxes of edamame in the shell for $3 - $4 (I also split this with my mother). I also got a huge net of babybel cheeses, which keep for a decent time, for $9, and little bite-sized brownie bites for $4 a tub.

If you're near one, you might want to go check it out! My husband and I made some awesome bentos out of some of this stuff. Costco is definitely not the best place to shop in general, but it's worth it to check out. My mom and I split the cost of the broccoli and edamame, so maybe you could do the same with a friend?
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Jan. 28, '09

Posting a little early 'cuz I'm eating a little early. *g*

I may also end up not posting a few days again as we can't pay our cell phone bill in time. :(

Anyway, on the to the food!

Jan. 28, '09

Top Tier: Chicken Corn Fritters, Frozen Grapes (I love frozen grapes more than un-frozen, not sure why!)
Bottom Tier: Salad made of left over taco fixings: Shredded Lettuce, Green Onion, Olives, Shredded Cheese, and Tomato; Creamy Cucumber Dressing in the cup; and kind of not seen, Blueberries

A bit fruit heavy, but delish!

Chicken Corn Fritter Recipe here.
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On tuesdays I cook dinner for the boys I stay with, and put aside a bit for my lunch the next day. It wasn't pretty but it came out delicious. Unfortunately, classes were cancelled today so I just got to eat it in my room.

Top tier: Imitation crab stir fry: Imitation crab stirfry with cabbage, alfalfa sprouts, noodly stuff, and pickled ginger. Ginger pork.
Bottom tier: White rice with soy sauce piggies.

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Bento Breakfast

BENTO + THE FLU = Mini -Pancakes

Yuck. Eww. Gross.

I have been sick for a week (Feeling 100% Now) and while I still made it to most of my classes without coughing over everything and contaminating other people, I still made my Bento's. When you're sick, you need them even more.

This is comfort food. Tasty Breakfast with all the toppings perked me up during Geography and was I ever thrilled to have a hot Thermos of Tea. Sometimes being sick is a blessing in disguise (I felt no guilt in scorffing down the whipped cream and maple syrup)

Alright, We have a mini-stack of Pancakes and between them is a frozen disc of maple syrup. I have it timed out that I make a bunch of panckes, pour syrup between two and then put them in a container in the freezer. Then when I want one, I just pull them out and by mid-day the syrup has thawed just enough to be a liquid and not enough to run into everything else. Oddly enough, I worked out the timing perfectly and yet still have no skills in math, hmm?

There is also a strip of bacon that was leftover tucked between the grapes. In the little red cup is some dried cranberries and in the other tub a serving of sweet whipped cream. Yum. Best Lunch/Breakfast yet.

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I'm in a University Blog Competition. Thank You!

Lovie Dovie Bento :P

I have to admit, I was surprised to only get 2 or 3 people commenting on my Stewie Griffin the other day :P lol. I'm assuming I posted it at the wrong time - lol :)


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Ahmetia's Bento:


The kitty face is applesauce and nori face w/ inigiri ears. She also has a sliced pumpkin shaped boiled egg, kiwi and a fortune cookie. Thought she made a cute bento, but I'll be surprised if it makes it in transit...

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Muhammed Ebi
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Lunch Box 625: Snow meatballs

A while ago I posted about the rice I'd bought, which is uber-short-grained, practically rice beads, and uber-sticky. It sticks to everything! Well, I found the exception: it doesn't stick as much to pearl meatballs. The ones here actually show some bald spots. Despite the blemish of exposed meat, they were still delicious.

I also have baked sweet potato - not purple? I don't know what got into me either - spinach with mayonnaise and strawberries.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
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two for the money

Whoops forgot to post yesterday’s bento


Today we have banana, Apple bunnies snacking on carrots, Hotdog Flowers, Broccoli cauliflower and carrot mix and in the small cup onions with ketchup, mustard and relish.

My nana (I live with grandparentals) made hot dogs AND INSITED that I have some so she gave me bun that I had to take but didn’t end up using… whoops! She also wanted to see a picture of what I was doing and wondering if I knew any of the “online people” I love generation gaps.

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First Work Bentos

I'm so excited for my first day of student teaching, I've been thinking all week about all the details of that day, including what to pack in my bento:

Top tier- Fruit cup, candy almonds, and cookie cup
Bottom tier- Rice with black beans and carrots
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1/26 Bento #50! Rainbow - 2nd attempt

My 50th Bento was another attempt to perfect the Rainbow Bento. This time I used turmeric for the yellow rice and a few different fruits and veggies. I tried a different layout but I definitely liked the first one better. This one is very colorful but I think a little chaotic and jumbled. I did add roasted chicken breast this time for some protein. The blue came out really good this time I used more of the red cabbage and baking soda dye,
it's sooo cool!

See my earlier post for details on the fresh veggie juices I used for dyeing the rice, here - http://jewelmaker.livejournal.com/9542.html
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Snowed in today....

...so the grandkids and I made bentos and had an indoor picnic! Here's mine:

Top left: grapes, fresh pineapple chunks, strawberries, kiwi. Bottom left: rice stars stuffed with egg, grape tomatoes on a bed of lettuce.
Right: cut-up vegetarian "chikn" patty.
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Boy Bento

My son decided he wanted to design and make another bento. He started by drawing a picture and figuring out which foods he wanted to use. I helped him execute it. I think it turned out very cute, and he was very proud of it.
Open faced ham sandwich, cheese boy with spinich pants and cabbage shirt, purple cabbage hair, lettuce grass, blue rice sky, yellow squash and carrot sun and mushroom clouds.

Bento #04

Since I'm only at school for long periods of time Tuesdays and Thursdays, I've decided to set my bento making schedule to fall on Monday and Wednesday nights. I'd bring a bento lunch to school everyday, but since I only have two classes and 15 minutes between them on Mondays and Wednesdays - it doesn't make much sense to make one everyday. In any case, here's all the food to last me while on campus tomorrow:

top tier (left): bowtie pasta salad, fried vietnamese eggroll
bottom tier (middle): carrot sticks, ranch in yellow container for the sticks, sweet chili sauce with fish sauce for the eggroll in the bear, and fuji apple slices
snacksidecar (right): lychee jelly cups, Lego fruit snacks, & Cheerios snack mix

Bento # 485

After the more or less fiasco with yesterday's bento (where the main "attraction", the omuraisu weren't eaten because they "looed odd") I decided to go with food that looks more plain and recognizable. I'm fairly sure the beans will return home uneaten, but it needed a splash of green, so...

Bento # 485
Bento # 485
Spaghetti with ketchup, olive oil and spring onions. Mini meatballs (frozen) on skewers. Hummus, cheese crackers and stir-fried green beans.


1/27 Bento #51

I had a Bento backlog and I'm trying to get caught up here. This is the last one for today.
This Bento was for me.  I used the bottom portion of the box for a snack this time and the top for the lunch. I've been finding lately that using the whole thing for just lunch is too much food for me, so I decided to try this and it was perfect. Bottom tier snack - brie cheese, grapes, strawberries, and mini clementine slices with a mini side car for the crackers. The top lunch portion has brown rice onigiri and chicken veggie stir-fry.