January 26th, 2009

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Lunch, January 26th 2009
Lunch, January 26th 2009
Rotini in homemade marinara with Parmesan, mikan with chocolate Pucca crackers, feta and spinach stuffed tomato, and homemade ranch pickled cucumbers.

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Bento #204 - finally celebratory!

This one is finally supposed to get me into a more celebratory mood. Inarizushi kitten, rainbow maki with carrot and cucumber stars and 5-coloured rice, tamagoyaki and lots of tasty veggies, fruit and chocolate.

I sacrificed the last of my blue onigiri batch for the maki - now I'll have to wait until I get new egg dyes! The yellow is done with turmeric and the green (badly) with spinach, but the red is also food dye - I didn't feel like bothering, and I wanted a pinkish red, not an orange-ish red like tomatoes give.

I have more rainbow maki left, so expect another celebration tomorrow!


BF's bento and more on my bentoblog: http://wererabbits.wordpress.com
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bento #66

bento #66, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

Steamed rice and Japanese curry with shrimp. Also threw in a hardboiled egg because it never hurts to have a little more protein. (I get hungry too soon after eating if my protein : carbs ratio is too lopsided.)

Carrot and celery sticks -- I had lots leftover from the veggies I bought to put in the curry.

Ranch dressing for the sticks, tangerine, and a couple chocolate-orange cookies.

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Stewie Bento :D

Thanks to Geekologie, Rob came across Anna the Red's bentos and made a couple comments indicating he wanted something like that. To which I replied, but you don't want rice and stuff in your lunches :P So, I got a little creative - for me anyway - and made him a Family Guy Stewie Griffin for his bento :) I was going to do Brian too, but this took long enough... He looked better before I moved him twice. He started on a sheet of nori, but it started to curve on me - then on the pasta salad, but that was too bumpy and I knew he wouldn't make it - then onto a lettuce leaf... I just hope he holds up in transport!


The lunch itself is pretty simple and too light on protein, I just hope it's enough for him... I'm pretty happy with it all things considered, being my first attempt at a Character :) His head is ham, which I had to make 3 layers thick or it was too transparent - need to ask for a thicker cut next time. His hair is of course Nori, his eyes are nori, swiss and ham (as you can see, the ham is too transparent on his lower lid), nori nose and nori and swiss mouth

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Kat's Bento for today:


Top Tier: Pasta Salad, Blueberries, pineapple, a couple candies for a treat :)

Bottom Tier: Mini corndogs, leftover baked ziti, leftover Roasted turkey, tamagoyaki and ketchup and mustard for the corndogs in the sauce cup

Revolutionary Road Sandwich Bento

Last night I saw the movie Revolutionary Road with the hubby. There is a scene in the movie where Kate Winslet makes her guests egg salad sandwiches. The movie was rather tepid so all I could think about was egg salad sandwiches through the whole thing. It was just a very weird movie experience.

So here is my egg salad sandwich bento!

Pretty rushed and crappy light due to no sunlight at 6AM in Hawaii.

Eggsalad Sandwich with lettuce and spinach on whole wheat bread, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, ranch in the Keroppi container.

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More Oat-nigiri!

I made the 'oat'-nigiri again for breakfast today! And they were delicious! I bought a new can of oats, so they didn't taste funny this time. :) This morning's bento comes to 4 Weight Watchers points.

This bento contains:
1 cup oatmeal (2 points)
1 tsp golden raisins (0 points)
1 tsp dried cranberries (0 points)
2 Morningstar Farms Breakfast Links (1 point)
1 tbsp. Lite syrup in the birdy (.5 points)
1/2 cup grapes in the sidecar (.5 points)
(I didn't count the lettuce since it's just there for looks.)

my bentoblog: wwbento.blogspot.com

Weekend got off track but back to the grind

Check my blog for why I got off track (hint - Boy Scout related weekend).

This is my first attempt to get back on track- simple fried rice with broccoli, onions and SPAM and a touch of bottled teriyaki sauce plus my last clementine.    Need to work on that fried rice recipe - bit dull and flat tasting even with the SPAM.

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5th bento

Yay fruit!

We have banana, kissing apple bunnies, cornflake bbq chicken nuggets, a roasted tomato and sausage and peppers underneath the tomato. On the side a blueberry applesauce!


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Tasty Tuna Bento

I made some tuna salad last night for my lunches this week. It's a Weight Watchers recipe, but I was still surprised at how many points it is for so little (only 1/2 cup per serving). I guess it's all that mayo. It tastes good and is very easy and quick to make, so I think it's a keeper. I've actually been pleasantly surprised lately with all of the flavorful Weight Watchers recipes I've been trying. In the past I had frequently avoided their recipes because they often had little flavor. I'm almost out of the little zucchini's, so you'll probably only see one more bento with them this week. (I get them at Trader Joe's and there isn't one near me, so I only get to go there once every few weeks). :(

Todays' bento comes to 5.5 Weight Watchers points.

This bento contains:
1/2 cup homemade light tuna salad (4 points)
1 cup zucchini (0 points)
1/4 serving Curry Couscous (1 point)
1/4 serving Wasabi peas (.5 points)
1/2 cup lettuce (0 points)

my bentoblog: wwbento.blogspot.com

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 For this bento I made hot dog flowers and put flower shaped carrots in the center with a half cut toothpick, shelled edamame, sliced kiwi, red grapes and steamed rice inside a rabbit side dish cup. I added a cute face to the rabbit using carrots and put a cute little pick into the grapes for an added touch of KAWAII!
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Lunch Box 624: Spheres Themselves

Happy Chinese New Year! I didn't realize it until it was too late, so I don't have a single thing appropriate for the occasion in my lunch. Oh well. I do have homemade takoyaki, baked purple sweet potato balls, steamed snow peas, strawberries, and kumquats. Even if it's not very seasonal, it's still pretty hardcore, I'd say.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
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Bento 2 Electric Boogaloo!

Like I've said before I don't own any fancy pants toys/separators/cookie cutters to use on my bento, so I had to McGiver this one.

I want to keep my Rice and Beans separate from some cucumbers that I cut up so I found an old hotel key card and cut in in half and used that to separate it. I know it's totally ghetto but at the same time kind of creative (in a lame way hehe).



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200 bentos! (#199-205)

Wow, I've finally reached 200....it's taken me a while, but I've finally hit another milestone in lunch making. Before I share my photos of 199-205, I wanted to explain how I've been feeling lately with this community (with permission from our lovely mod)....I've been noticing a lot of "that's not a real bento" type comments/posts lately, and I wanted to say my piece on this - bento, while traditionally Japanese, is simply a packed Lunch. Some of us eat Japanese food and create beautiful traditional style bento, while others eat a more Western diet and create untraditional bento. Some people have plenty of time, resources, and supplies at hand to create shaped veggies and other cute bento foods, while some are more into speed bento packing and efficient use of bento box space. Some have two-tiered "real" bento boxes, and others simply use a plastic container they happen to have in their kitchen. We're all part of this community because we want to share what we've created for ourselves or for our loved ones, and I don't think anyone ought to feel as though they aren't posting "proper bento". Personally, I like seeing untraditional bento, since that's what I mainly pack, and I use those people's posts to get ideas of other foods I can pack or ways to pack. I also like looking at the cute/shaped bento because I appreciate the time it takes to be that creative.

Anyway. I just wanted to help reassure some of the posters who think their bento isn't "real" or worthy of posting that they are and they should keep on posting.

Right. On to my actual bento post!

Nearly all the bentos are for my boyfriend, and they sometimes make up two meals for him, depending on what shift he's working that day. (either 6a-2p, 2p-10p, or 10p-6a.) I also have to put things in lidded containers inside the boxes because things tend to shift around too much for him. I'm currently staying at his house in the UK, so most of my regular supplies (like dividers, cups, cutters, etc) are all back in the US, so we make do with what we have, though my mom did send me a few things in my Christmas box!

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As always, I created a web album with Bento 151-200, and you can find it here: http://www.flutterbydesign.org/bento/Bentos151200/

You also can view my other bento, either by going back through my tag, or in the other albums:
Bento 1-50: http://www.flutterbydesign.org/bento/AnnasBentos150/
Bento 51-100: http://www.flutterbydesign.org/bento/Bentos51100/
Bento 101-150: http://www.flutterbydesign.org/bento/Bentos101150/
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Tomorrow's lunch :)

Here's a quick lunch I threw together for tomorrow using components of what was had for dinner plus a little extra for variety ^_^

Top Tier: 4 x Quorn 'chicken' nuggets, a cheese and tomato finger pizza, green beans
Bottom Tier: New potatoes, edamame, mini cup of coleslaw, bbq sauce in the strawberry for dipping the nuggets

I finally found some edamame to use!! Been wanting to try them for ages ^_^

Bento #03

The first day of school didn't go as well as I hoped it would. I barely even had time to eat the bento I made myself for lunch. So when I got home, I decided to relax by making myself a bento for tomorrow, in hopes that maybe my Tuesday/Thursday classes will be less stressful.

Since I had some leftover breakfast ingredients, I decided to make a breakfast-for-lunch bento:

sidecar (left): waffles, syrup in the bear, & ketchup in the sauce container for the sausage & eggs
top tier (top right): roasted edamame & white chocolate covered coffee beans in the silicon cups, lychee jelly cup, Cheerios snack mix
bottom tier (bottom right): sausage links & scrambled eggs

Since my TTh schedule has me on campus longer than I was today, originally I was gonna pack a sidecar of snacks in addition to my regular bento box - but the waffles were giving me some trouble and the only solution I could find resulted in what you see above.
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Bento # 482 & 483

To be honest I thought # 482 was so bland and boring that I'd wait until I had soemthing more interesting to post. So here it is, together with my "chinese new year" bento. Happy New Year!0

Bento # 482
Bento # 482
Cracker fishies, yakitori on top of some stir fried vegetables. Yakiudon with a little curry, decorated with spring onion and cherry tomato.
Bento # 483
Bento # 483
carrot-and cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes and hummus. Ovenbaked potatoes wedges with noodle letterings, ox-shaped (well sorta) hamburger decorated with cucumber and nori.

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New semester bento!

I just started my spring semester today and I was going to pack a bento, but I fell asleep on the couch the night before and forgot to prepare one. But I most certainly remembered to pack one tonight!


Top tier: Nutella and jam on toast, carrots
Bottom tier: Garlic cheese quesadillas, refried beans, and salsa in the kiwi cup

I decided to include the lid in the picture, just for cuteness' sake. I've always loved having cute stuff around the house, and can you get any cuter than Mamegoma? I think not!