January 24th, 2009


Winner of the Bento Blog Search logo contest (and urgent plea!)

I'm pleased to present the winning logo for the new Bento Blog Search engine, designed by Robyn Klopp. Congratulations Robyn, and a sincere thank you to everyone who worked on such impressive submissions! Full details are here at Lunch in a Box.

A reminder that today is the last day to vote in the Food Blog Awards. Thanks to everyone who’s already voted! Lunch in a Box is nominated for Best Theme representing bento blogs, but is currently in second place behind a popular gluten-free blog in the most voted-in category of the awards. Please cast your vote in this close race, the polls are open until Saturday, Jan. 24, 2009 at 8pm Eastern. Your vote for bento lunches could make the difference!
Me: Sailor V
  • alkrea


Hello! I'm Stephanie from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I just joined this community and I wanted to share something. This was the first real bento I made, but it's from August 16, 2008! haha! I've made a few more since then, but this is the only one I've photographed. I'm hoping that maybe now that I joined this community, I may be more likely to take pictures of what I make (as well as make them more often!)


Here's the inside spread.

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I originally took these for my cooking journal, which I really need to start updating again! But any feedback on my first attempt is appreciated! Thanks for looking!
  • vampje

2 from this week :)

Hello all. Sadly I only had the time to make 2 bento's this week, but here they are :)
Excuses again for the bad photos. Still hard to make in the morning due to lack of daylight. :(

For other tier, and another bento follow Collapse )