January 23rd, 2009

Bonjour Tout le Monde!

So I've been lurking for quite some time. After months of ogling beautiful boxes, delicious-looking recipes, and cute bento designs, I finally started to make some of my own.

My sister bought me a Hakoya box for Christmas this year--knowing that I had secretly wanted to make my own bentos. As I am still in college, having a bento for snack or lunch is a great way to start eating healthy. Hooray for inadvertent New Year's resolutions?

I am really enjoying fixing my own meal every morning. Though I am lacking a lot of the adorable and handy things like sauce bottles, picks, and mayo cups, I am looking forward to making myself an inventory of items when I get the chance (Hello Ichiban-Kan!). Packing bentos has also made me aware that I am severely lacking good foods like produce!

Anyhow, I have a few pictures of the lunches I've made this week.

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First post!

Jan 23rd, 2009 bento
Jan 23rd, 2009 bento
Angel food cake with macerated strawberries, mikan tangerine with Japanese Corn Nuts, and salmon chowder.

I just picked a nice bento set up today - 100 yen bentos have a nasty habit of never actually getting packed around here. I got one for my husband (the one in the photo), and one for me, smaller. We're in the US Navy in Japan, and the food on the ship's pretty bad. I cook about 25% Japanese food and 75% other stuff, so we'll see how this bento project goes. Not going for every day, but definitely on the days he has the overnight duty!
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Jan. 23, '09

I am soooooooo happy we went with making food in bulk and freezing. I'm enjoying my lunches again, and they are such a snap to make. Of course, I'm not as creative as some of you, but I'm really happy to be eating healthier again. :D

Jan. 23, '09

Sidecar: Mini Cheese Quiche, Chicken Medallions
Bottom Tier: 2 Sour Cream & Chive Cracker Sandwiches, Honey-Roasted Peanuts, Lite Ranch Dressing, 2 Cream Wafers
Top Tier: Cauliflower, Carrot Sticks, and Grapes

Quiche recipe here.
Medallions from the Bento Boxes cookbook.
Harpnote luffs

Bentos for the road

My parents and I are hitting the road and driving to my Nanna's. Here's our snacks for the drive:

For my parents in the front:

They have ham and philly cheese wraps, cheese flowers (I got new cutters for christmas) on some baby spinach leaves.

And in the bottom dark chocolate covered cookies and gummy worms (dad loves sour candy)

For me (and *sigh* the dog) in the back:

The same, but less of it... and I have a clementine.

Bento Post #3

Hey everyone! Still bento-ing, and still a newb with a few recipes under my belt.


This is my bento for today! I know, RICE OVERLOAD but I just ordered my nori furikake and I really wanted to try it out.

Top: Home made fried rice (I'm so proud of myself with this...it tastes so effing Asian. Err...yes those are hotdogs XD)

Bottom: Japanese omlette sliced up and whatnot, and steamed rice with furikake seasoning (which is awesome by the way)

Yeah, but I do go crazy with the vitamins (I take 2 multis, 2 seperate calcium and vit D pills, ginko bibola, and 2 emergen-c's (that's 2000% your daily supply of vit C & B, yo) so I don't really need to balance the bento but they look nicer with more veggies and such. :(

And I never get sick. Yes, everyone start taking Emergen-C.
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Bento for me!

This is my bento for work tomorrow. I just wish I had some more of those Haribo gummy letters so I could write a tasty note to myself that says: "Your boss is insane, get a new job."


Top tier: Leftover tandoori tikka on a bed of onions, spinach, and bell peppers, lightly buttered rice
Bottom tier: Jack cheese cubes, garlic cheese cubes, dried cranberries.

It's not super fancy, but I'm looking forward to devouring it.

Also, I'm aware that it looks like A LOT of cheese, but it really isn't...and I'm going to be sharing some with my boyfriend tonight (mostly the garlic, because I don't want to have dragonbreath at work tomorrow).

Friday simple bento


A fairly simple bento today...

Top Tier: Salad w/ southwest chicken breast strips - he has light ranch in a side container

Bottom Tier: Fruit salad of fresh pineapple, kiwi, strawberries and blueberries - hummus w/ mini pita halves and grapes for filler and a dash of color - I should have topped the hummus w/ roasted red pepper, but didn't want to open a new jar just for that...

Kat's bento:


Main bento: Flower onigiri w/ flower center (can you tell she made a few at the beginning of the week - lol), tamagoyaki, red grapes and blueberries and baby carrots

Side car: Salad topped w/ tuna and dressing in the watermelon container

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Friday's Bento

Today's bento is composed of leftovers from last night's dinner. This was my first time making the Asian Millet Salad (Weight Watchers recipe) and it turned out very nice. Even my husband, who is wary of Weight Watchers recipes, really liked it. And then we have Tilapia with a Wasabi Ginger Glaze. This is a Cooking Light recipe that is actually for tuna, but we use whatever white fish we have on hand. Today's bento comes to 5 Weight Watchers points.

This bento contains:
1/8 cup red pepper hummus (1 point)
1 cup zucchini (0 points)
1 cup spinach (0 points)
1/2 serving Asian Millet Salad (2 points)
1/2 serving Tilapia with Wasabi Ginger Glaze

Gosh, looking through this weeks bentos, they all look very similar. Oh well, they're still tasty!

My bentoblog: wwbento.blogspot.com

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Salad Bento

Bottom Tier: Broccoli slaw with Asian ginger dressing underneath
Top Tier: Pistachio, almond and cashew mix, garlic cheddar cubes, baby carrots, papaya spears
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Tamale bento!

January 23rd, 2009
January 23rd, 2009
Mikan tangerine, chocolate covered spicy rice crackers, sauteed broccoli with garlic, tamales stuffed with carnitas, and my family's completely awesome oatmeal cookies. RC's going sailing with the boys all day tomorrow, so I'm sending a lunch along with him. For packing, I peeled the tamales and cut them in half, and microwaved them the next morning. I use a large Starbucks mug for the microwaving - it's about the same size as my thermal bento jar and does well for staging things that need heating up in the morning.

Second Bento

My Second Bento!

1. )All white Jasmin rice w/Salt Pepper/ Garlic Powder
2.)Brocolli and meatballs w/Cheese on them

I wish I had fruit or something...  This was made for me and my boyfriend for when we went to school to work on projects today.
:/ I haven't gone shopping in like a month. The baggy thing id the wrap for it