January 21st, 2009


Bento #202


I'll put up a proper photoshopped version later. I was in a hurry :)

The upper layer is still couscous salad with parsley and lemon. The lower layer is a frozen quiche cup on lettuce, a cherry tomato, pickled onions, some homegrown alfalfa sprouts (I put some homegrown cress on the quiche as well), a candy and a fishy with balsam vinegar.

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Bento #74 - Fish Cakes (& photo questions)

I tried out something new for my lunch today, fish cakes.  I really enjoyed them, but next time I don't think I'll use salmon, the taste was a little to strong, I think it would be better with a lighter, sweeter fish.  Anyway, here's lunch:

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Left Side:
1 - Cole Slaw

Left Side:
1 - Fish Cakes
2 - Sour Cream (in yellow container)
3 - Grape Tomatoes & Pickles (gap fillers, but also go really well with the fish cake)

WW Flex Points = 3

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heavy on the protien today.

Octodogs because I havent made them before, lettuce, Snow Peas, pepperoni, and Omuraisu (microwaved this before eating).
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Jan. 21, '09

Sorry for the quality here; both the lunch and the picture were done quick, and the food eaten right away.

Jan. 21, '09

Bottom Tier: Minestrone Soup from this recipe
Top Tier: Grapes in round red cup, Mini Meringue Cookies, 3 Rosemary Crackers, Parmesan Cheese for the Minestrone in the small heart red cup

I usually have cornbread with the Minestrone, but those crackers went REALLY well with it. I was surprised (and quite pleased since I didn't have time to make any cornbread for lunch today).

no extra vegetables needed today since the soup has carrots, celery, onion, cabbage, and bell pepper. It looked more like soup once it was heated back up. ;)
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1st Time Bento post!

Hi all. This is my very first post to this community. I came across the site by accident, but I'm definitely hooked.
Here's my lunch for today; quick and simple fare.

Bento, Jan 21

Top Box: Raw carrots, yaki onigiri (made with kecap manis and a tiny sprinkle of my favorite furikake).
Bottom Box: Tonkatsu with Bulldog sauce, jalepeño pickle spear in chunks.
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Wednesday's Bento

Today's bento looks suspiciously similar to yesterday's. Except today there are shrimp instead of falafel. :) My husband watched me put my bento together last night and asked "When are you going to make on of those for me? Everything looks so nice and pretty." I told him I'd be happy to, but he'd need a bigger bento. He thought the size of the bento shown below was fine as long as he brought something extra to eat. I told him he was welcome to use it as long as he didn't mind the Chococat on the lid. :) We'll see what happens.

This bento comes to 4.5 Weight Watchers points.

This bento contains:
1/2 serving Spicy Shrimp (2 points)
1/8 cup Red Pepper Hummus (1 point)
cherry tomato (0 points)
1/2 serving Curry Couscous (1.5 points)
1 cup zucchini (o points)
1/2 cup spinach (0 points)
1 baby bella mushroom (0 points)

For the recipe for Spicy Shrimp, see my bentoblog: wwbento.blogspot.com
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4th Bento

Momma went shopping yesterday so I have some new nom noms!


We have today Carrot and Broccoli in the far back, Ham and cheese rollups (or as my manga cookbook calls them naruto rolls.), marinated cherry tomatoes and mozzarella on skewers, some more broccoli and cauliflower and then mini quiches in broccoli, ham and cheese and tomato, onion, ham and cheese.

Secretly, the quiches were half homemade due to momma buying crustless quiche and my particular love of crust. I made little puff pastry cups and put the quick in them and warmed them up in the cooling oven real quick. They don't look pretty but taste amazing!



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Lost: Is it LOST yet?

Happy LOST day!

Made a bunch more LOST bentos!

LOST bento, island style

Several more to be found here, including the Dharma logo, the Numbers and old Smokie! Well, sort of. Black smoke monsters do not entirely lend themselves to the bento format, but I gave it my best shot ;D

Bento from over the holidays

Sandwich wraps from Costco, stuffed olives, baby carrots, upside-down holiday chessman cookies (didn't realize they were upside down until I processed the photo), and a wrapped toothpick for the olives.

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I don't have that dinnertime class anymore this semester, so I'm afraid my bento-ing will be less frequent than usual. I'm doing a lot of traveling, however, so expect to see a few airpline bentos sprinkled in here and there.
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I've finally utilized the space in the lid

Here's a bento for my boyfriend's lunch tomorrow. He's going to love it!

I'm very frustrated with how warm this photo is. I use my flash only when it's absolutely necessary (since it tends to wash things out). Ugh, maybe I should suck it up and use the flash...or maybe I should take my bento photos when there's still light outside...
Lid: Haribo gummies (spelling out "I love you," hehe)
Top tier: Leftover spicy Himalayan lamb (I forget what it's called), granny smith apples
Bottom tier: French bread, jack cheese, habañero cheese, garlic cheese, Italian salami (in the middle, under the cheese)

I spent the day today with my mom in Sonoma (the wine country, which I live very close to). All of those cheeses are from the Sonoma Cheese Factory, which is famous for their jack cheese. If you live close to the wine country in California, or if your local grocer carries them, pick up some of these cheeses. They're divine!


How do you keep your crackers, nuts, etc, from getting soft or losing their crunch by lunchtime?  I have tried all different dividers including the silicone cupcake cups, any suggestions besides a ziploc inside the bento which wouldn't be so cutesy....??


Bento # 480

Today was one of the bentos where I cheated. I went to 7 Eleven and bought the yakitori. That way I only had to cook the pasta and fry a little veggies and hey presto...

Nice when you're home late from work ^_^

Bento # 480
Bento # 480
Yakitori, sweet-sour dipping sauce in the Kitty. Stir fried vegetables with oyster sauce. Pasta with tomato pesto.