January 18th, 2009

Much Ado

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Fridays bento that i didn't get round to posting

Crispbread with onion and garlic cream cheese and cucumber, half an apple and carrot sticks
Snack: 2 bourbon biscuits, 2 malted milk biscuits and apple slices

Crispbread is diffucult to make pretty, but so tasty. And I have to eat the cheese before it goes off, so it will keep making appearance. i think I will have to pack it sideways in future so it at least looks a little more apetising!

rice substitute

I'm not a fan of rice. Although I'm Mexican and love mexican rice, I'm just not liking white rice. Are there any alternatives to rice when making teriyaki chicken? Or a way to flavor them? Also, what about furikake? Are they any good? Do they taste like nori? Sorry for the many questions. And thanks to everyone who answers.

Sunday - new week -

off to a good start if there is a bento in it!!  Sorry for the crummy picture and it is now warming my tummy so no retakes!!
Some rice and brussel sprouts sauteed in butter with curry and some sauteed shrimp.  Not too bad - did its job and that is all one can want some days!

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Madoka Magica

First post

I picked up Bento about 2 months ago as a way to watch my portions and do something more creative with my boring lunch at work.
I've finally managed to take some pictures of my lunches. These are both from last week.
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Much Ado

Bento #13

Todays bento, last revision day bento, exams start tomorrow!

Crispbread with cream cheese and cucumber
Sour cream and chive puff crisps
Honey roasted peanuts, almonds (Which I'd forgotten how much i like) and dolly mixtures
Sliced apple

Bento # 477

Back to the boring bentos. It's hard to make cutesy stuff when my kid doesn't like nori and dislike decorations that may cling to the lid and "look unappetizing" *sigh*

And she doesn't like onigiri either, with the exception of the fried kind. So once again there's yaki onigiri and some leftovers (the spring rolls)

I had a rather large portion of rice leftover from dinner today. Usually I freeze it in small squares, each portion suitable for a bento. But today I shaped the whole lot into onigiri triangles and froze them. Now I'll have easy onigiri for toasting in the future ^_^

Bento # 477
Bento # 477
Mini meatballs on skewers. Spring roll in slices. Yaki onigiri and a cherry tomato in quarters,

totoro bento

Bento #198

I'm not sure my BF will be able to eat this... creepy forest spirits made of cheese on nilmandra's 3 mushroom rice. (By the way, this is not a good dish for mixing different types of rice. The cooking time difference makes the recipe not work well :/)

Since I'm gonna eat bento both morning and evening tomorrow, I made a whopping 4(!) different bentos tonight! Weekend cooking + weekend leftovers make for lots of bento ingredients, luckily.

See the other bentos on my bentoblog: WereRabbits. Here is the full post.