January 17th, 2009

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Non-Traditional bento Supplies

So I'm wondering what snazzy, non-bento type supplies you guys are sneaking into your goody bag for making awesome bento boxes?
I ask, 'cause I was actually rollerskating tonight, and I saw they had little candy bottles full of powder sugar to win for skeeball prizes. And of course, I realized they'd be adorable and perfect for my bento, and proceeded to flat-out buy the whole set. 25 cents apiece, wooot! They're quite pretty arranged next to the powders that were in them, but I wouldn't suggest tasting the contents.

I also buy food picks from Jo Anns to use as food picks in my bento (the autumn leaf ones; I've seen at least one other person use them so far).

So share! What sneaky containers/dividers/tricks do you guys steal from other venues to apply to bento making?

Epic Fail Bento...

This was Rob's lunch for Thurs Jan 15 - I didn't pack him a lunch for Fri as I was sick and didn't even want to look at the food...


Top Tier: The grape tomatoes on top of the macaroni salad were supposed to look like little cars w/ black olive slice tires, but I'm really unhappy with them - they don't really look like cars at all :( Oh well... The strip of nori was supposed to be the road... Then he had strawberries and kiwi

Bottom Tier: Chef's Salad w/ car shaped boiled egg and pinwheels of ham, turkey and meunster. A kiwi and an apple gummy in the lid.

Not pictured was the last piece of his leftover sub to go with it - I just put it in a sandwich bag, so I didn't take a picture with it.

Here are Kat's bento for Jan 15 & 16:


Top Tier: Mexican rice, Tamagoyaki and crab sticks

Bottom Tier: Sweet simmered black beans, baby carrots and steamed cauliflower


Top Tier: Pumpkin shaped boiled egg, steamed cauliflower, crab sticks and mexican rice

Bottom Tier: Green Tea Mochi, Broccoli, raspberry vinaigrette in the bear bottle, kamaboko slices, ham slices and salad w/ dried cranberries

She used one of my new bento boxes that I bought to use for Rob since it is a good size - isn't it pretty? :)

Trying to do more

   I am playing with things I read about everyone else doing.  I saved some broccoli stems to cook with some corned beef hash and served it in my bento with white rice.  Not too bad - not the best but not too bad.
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Its been a while....

Sorry for the bad pictures... working out of my cell phone now and I've yet to figure out how to get a good shot from it.

Its been a while since I posted for bento. Last school quarter I didn't really have a reason to bring lunch to school... but now I do! Unfortunately along the way I lost access to the nice camera I was using so Im making due with my cell phone till I can get something better. It seems to be iffy when it wants to give me something decent to look at. :P

2009 Jan 13

2 Tier Monokuro Boo box
Top: Teriyaki chicken over rice, pan steamed broccoli and carrots
Bottom: honey tangerine

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1/16 Bentos

Bentos for the adults today. Same stuff, different arrangements. Chicken veggie dumplings and spring rolls. My first attempt at yaki onigiri (I used the wrong kind of rice and they fell apart :(  ), deviled eggs (mine had a side car), steamed snow peas, orange cauliflower & beet flowers. Matchstick carrots,strawberries, oranges and grapes. This was a very satisfying bento. :) 

PS : Thanks to everyone, especially jokergirl and zannah for the help on my photo problems. I think I'm finally getting it figured out. It's really cool that bentos are motivating me to learn and experience new things.

1/18 Bento #46

I think I will start numbering my bentos. It seems like fun to keep track and "celebrate" special ones. I'm coming up on #50. I'll have to think of something special. I'm still working on photo quality in my posts. With some advice from some pro bento posters I think things are getting better.
Here is my bento for today.

I had California veggie rolls, teriyaki glazed chicken meatballs, carrot sticks, sugar peas,strawberries and apple slices.
The purple filler is kale. I love the color but I found out today that it is not my favorite to eat raw. I think steamed or sauteed would be ok.
Knit scarf

Bento 15

yay! This one looks tasty and I'm continuing to branch out. Ham, cream cheese, and pickle rolls (boring but spruced up with leaves). Top pink tier holds geisha crackers, pistachios, goldfish crackers, truffle and a lemon of dressing for the veggies. Tan holds veggie mix and lowfat yogurt with berries.
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