January 16th, 2009


1/16 Bento & "HELP!"

Today is pajama day at CDC's school. so I thought it would be appropriate to do a breakfasty bento. He has deviled eggs, huckleberry waffles with a buttery maple syrup sauce, ham & cheese cracker sandwiches, strawberries, grapes, orange curl, carrot flowers and cherry tomatoes.

HELP! I'm getting very frustrated with the quality of my photos in livejournal posts. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. My original photos are very clear and crisp, but when they are in a post they are very fuzzy. If you click on the photo it shows up very clear, so it seems to me that it should be the same in the post. But it's not. I see so many of you posting very large, very beautifully clear photos. What am I doing wrong??
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Brown & Green Bento and a Question

This wasn't intentional...I didn't mean for the entire bento to come out brown and green, but these things happen. I am really looking forward to this bento today, although I am a little concerned that I won't be able to eat it all since there are a lot of noodles (that have shrimp in them) and a veggie patty. I am very excited that I have finally broken away from my bento 'rut' and have finally put some different items in here. This bento comes to 5.5 Weight Watchers points.

Contents of this bento:
Top Layer: 1/2 serving of Shrimp and Vegetable Lo Mein (2.5 points)
Bottom Layer: Morningstar Farms Mushroom Burger (3 points)
Spinach (0 points)
Broccoli (0 points)
Shiitake Mushrooms w/ Soy Sauce & Mirin (0 points)

This was my first time using dried Shiitake mushrooms, and I have to say I love them! I got the recipe from Washoku: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen by Elizabeth Andoh. It's a very nice book that gives a lot of background, history, and the mentality of Japanese cooking. If you are new to Japanese cooking (especially the ingredients), it is a very helpful book.

Question: I get many recipes from many different locations (books, internet, magazines) and I have trouble keeping them all in one place. I have the MacGourmet software for my home computer, but sometimes I want to access my recipes at work (so I know what to pick up on the way home). Is there an online place you keep all of your recipes? Weight Watchers does have the capacity to store recipes, but sometimes I forget they are there when I'm trying to decide what to cook for the week. I'm thinking of something like del.icio.us, but for recipes. Any ideas/tips?

My bentoblog: wwbento.blogspot.com


My First

I've been oooo'ing and aaaaah'ing at everyone's bento pics for awhile now and yesterday, my friendly neighborhood UPS guy dropped off a box for me from Ichiban Kan. I was so excited, I went to bed early so I could wake up with enough time to fix myself a little something to take with me on my trip to Palm Springs.

top tier (left): weiners & cheese skewers, hershey miniatures, and fuji apple slices
bottom tier (right): cheesey spirals with parsley & sharp cheddar stars
lid (front): golden oreos and mini-ritz & peanut butter sandwiches

Considering this is my first one, I'm really happy with how it came out. Since school doesn't start for another week and a half, I have plenty of time to plan for my next one! I'm totally psyched!! XD
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Jan. 16, '09

Oldest and I talked and decided to make Mondays (her day off) bulk cooking day because she's having trouble coming up with bento lunches for her daughter (who I take care of while she's at work). This will allow me to have more variety and some of my fave bento things again while keeping in the constraints I have for the husband's lunches without having to actually make 2 different meals when putting the bentos together. this will also help get me back to consistently making bentos for myself (I really do think that I'm bored with what I keep having to make the husband, so I only make a bento for me every once in awhile). I'm actually really excited about it!

Today's lunch:

Jan. 16, '09

Sidecar (back): Half Sandwich with Turkey, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, and Mayo on a Sandwich Roll (store was out of flat bread)
Bottom Tier: Tangerine, Honey-Roasted Peanuts, Cream Cheese & Chive Wheat Thins (which are surprisingly good)
Top Tier: Broccoli & Cauliflower and Cucumber Dressing

Not shown: 3 Sugar Cookies and a cup of Vanilla Caramel Tea (it's COLD down here today!)

Sichuan eggplant stirfry

My first post here in 2009, hmm. I've still been packing us lunches but have been so busy/tired/uninspired that I have not been taking pictures of them. This one is pretty decent. I made a spicy Sichuan eggplant stirfry last night and doubled the portion to have leftovers for our lunches today. I also cooked more rice for dinner with lunch in mind. The broccoli was just cooked quickly while AP was washing up after dinner. This was packed after dinner and kept in the fridge overnight. Hurray for microwaves at work.

Rice with steamed broccoli and a spicy Sichuan eggplant stir fry (Fish Fragrant eggplant; 鱼香茄子 - yu xiang qie zi)

Recipe for the eggplant dish is posted at Soy and Pepper.

Bento # 476

HAH! I finally decided to make a bento for myself and that means no limitations on what I can use. In other words it means "nori-wrapped onigiri"! - which I consider a treat but which my kid doesn't like at all.

And I've had this penguin in mind for quite a while.. and now I had the chance to get it out of my system ^_^ (and into my system as it was)

Bento # 476
Bento # 476
Penguin: Onigiri with umeboshi, wrapped in nori and decorated with cheese and carrot. Sausage-fish. Broccoli. Chicken katsu with tonkatsu sauce, cherry tomatoes, stir-fried vegetables and some cracker fishies.