January 15th, 2009

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Bento #70 - Big Salad

Alright, I'll admit it's not one of my prettiest packing jobs (too much empty space on top), but this was the THIRD box I tried to pack it in, all the rest were too small.  The salad is big (and yummy!)

Top Tier:
1 -  Salsa
2 - Baked tortilla chips
3 - Chicken breast (marinated with salt, pepper, fresh cilantro, & lime juice)

Bottom Tier:
1 - Tossed Salad topped with roasted corn and black beans mixed with salsa & lime juice
2 - Sour cream (in yellow container)

WW Flex Points = 9

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Another Pasta Bento

This is an extremely common bento in my repertoire. Amazingly, I haven't featured it much on my blog (probably to prevent anyone else from experiencing my bento boredom). We usually make pasta once a week for dinner and there are always leftovers, and a salad is quick and easy to throw together. But I am getting sick of the salad. I tend to keep putting salads in my bento because they are easy fillers and I don't have to spend too much time on them. However, I have decided to start finding more quick and easy recipes to make for my bento and concentrate on changing things up a bit. I have found a lot of possible winners on the Weight Watchers site, just looking up Japanese and Chinese cuisine. And there are a lot of good fillers mentioned on various bento sites. So hopefully I will have more variety in my bentos in the coming weeks. In the meantime, this bento comes in at 4.5 Weight Watchers points.

Contents of this bento:
1/2 a serving of Pasta with Olives (2.5 points)
1/8 cup part-skim mozzarella (1 point)
1/2 cup of spinach leaves (0 points)
1/4 cup broccoli (0 points)
1/4 cup bean sprouts (0 points)
1/4 cup red peppers (0 points)

Not pictured:
2 tablespoons Newman's Own Low Fat Ginger Dressing (1 point)

My bentoblog: wwbento.blogspot.com
80, crazy, short

2nd lunch bento

2nd bento ever!!!

I’m trying to incorporate something bento-y each time and since I promised my friend I would make her an apple bunny I had to try something new!

My attempt at a sandwich bento still using Chinese food containers!

I have a California BLT (mayo, avocado, lettuce, tomato and bacon) with brown sugared baked bacon, Fritos as filler, octodogs (SO MUCH FUN TO MAKE!), and some carrot pillars. On the side a blueberry apple sauce and a snake spoon! I’m trying to follow the color rules but we desperately need groceries and I’m trying to use up leftovers too.

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Bento 14

The tastiness continues. I'm discovering how much I like steamed veggies. *purr* Here it is!

yay for keeping it going! You can't see the egg shapes (stupid lighting) but they are a car on the left and a fishy on the right.
Yogurt in the sidecar with berries, kiwis with grapes under, goldfishies and tasty crackers that are shrimp flavored. :)
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Nyx's First Bento!

I've been watching you guys for a while and itching to join in ever since I my mum bought me my boxes and supplies over the holidays. Since today was my guy's birthday I decided to make him a special lunch!

The bottom tier is white rice and the top tier is Sweet and Sour Pork with chunks of carrots and then a sliced up Pink Lady apple.

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SF: Bento Time!!

09 bento and cool gear from Target

How's everybody's new year going so far? I'm still getting over a Christmas cold so I've been really lazy about lunches. So far I've really only made one really good one, and it was mostly just assembled from leftover party food:

First bento of 09

Few more backlogged lunches are here as well.

So does anybody else always make a point of checking the Dollar Spot at Target for gear? If you do, head over soon because they've got some cool stuff right now. And you know the good stuff always disappears right away and then crummy stuff sits there for the next two months and you're like "Aw, man!".

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Speed bento contest & 20% off coupon

"Speed" will be the theme of the first Bento of the Month Contest on the Lunch in a Box packed lunch forum, and members will vote in a poll to determine the winner. There will be a Japanese cookbook prize for the most popular speed bento, thanks to Jenn of Not Exactly Bento.

Also, Happy Japan has offered a 20% off coupon code for Lunch in a Box readers. Read the full post here on Lunch in a Box.

Bento # 474 & 475

For some reason I can't seem to make cute or even remotely interesting bentos at the moment. I'm looking in my bento books, seeing lots of inspiration, but it all ends in "...but she won't eat that.."

I hope I'll soon figure out some way of making my kid's bentos both tasty (in her opinion of tasty) AND a little more visually appealing... But for the time being.. Well.. they're tasty...

Bento # 474
Bento # 474
Fish nugget, ice cream-shaped egg. Baked potatoes/beet roots/leek/carrot.
Bento # 475
Bento # 475
Plucked chicken, raw carrot flowers, decorated with spring onion. Pasta with chili ketchup and a tomato with garlic cream cheese.

Keep Calm

Moving Bento

I'm starting to move house tomorrow so it'll be a long day of shifting boxes.  I made myself this bento as I don't know where I'll be by lunchtime tomorrow or if I'll have packed my kitchen.  I have:
Leftover pasta from dinner (pasta with a tin of tomato soup, a tin of tuna and cubes of cheddar cheese mixed in), a Hello Kitty shaped egg (my, soon to be former, kitchen has the weirdest light eggs always seem to come out as an amorphous lump!!), with another kitty containing dijon mayo, brocolli with carrot flowers and a small slice of Brownie to finish. 
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