January 14th, 2009



Well I had the chance to poke around a few stores here yesterday to find stuff to use for my Bento Lunches and at the Dollar Tree no less I found a set of cookie cutters (for large shapes), some more of the little pill cups, (I can use for dressings) and a couple of "boxes".

Today I am using a cookie tin, found for .50 on clearance lol.

Kitty shaped cheese sandwich, decorated with sour cream (I really need to work on this).  Next to that is a sausage heart then some carrots and some bread and butter pickles.  Cups contain ranch dressing and mayo, last is some Hersheys kisses.  Not my best effort nutrition wise, but I have a kitty in my lunch lol.

Once I go food shopping things will start looking better, I PROMISE!!

474: sandwich and more

Why fight the sandwich box? Yesterday I fit in a largish sandwich lengthwise, then a smaller PB&J crossways. Jello cup under the edamame and ginger snaps in the green plastic.

Today Muffin gets chili with a rice lid (I finished covering it after the photo). Hope that keeps it from spilling! Top layer has cucumber and carrot slices on spinach leaf bed, clementines and pretzels. Roasted edamame in the lid.
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Bento #69 - Bunny in a Garden

Top Tier:
1 - Stuffed Mini Sweet Red Peppers (Stuffed with a mix of cream & cheddar cheeses, baked until cheeses melt and peppers get slightly soft)
2 - Mixed Raw Veggies (Ranch Dressing in Pink Bunny Bottle)
3 - Hard Boiled Bunny Egg

Bottom Tier:
1 - Red Grapes
2 - Mashed Purple Potatoes (Mashed with Roasted Garlic Cloves, Butter, Milk, Salt & Pepper)

In the Lid:
1 - Pocky Crush

On the Side:
1 - Ramune
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1/14 Rainbow bentos

I have been thinking about doing a rainbow bento for a while and finally got around to it. I also have been wanting to experiment with using fresh vegetable juice to dye things like rice, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  I also wanted to use at least 1 fruit and 1 veggie in each color.  Here is what I came up with. Fruits: strawberry, orange, pineapple, green grapes (I wish I had kiwi), blueberries and purple grapes. Veggies: red bell pepper, cherry tomato, carrots, orange cauliflower, golden beets, crookneck squash, snap peas, turnip (tried to dye with blue dye but it didn't take well), and purple kale.

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tofu-ish bento

Horrible, ugly picture of my bento for today. (Apologies...I blame my crappy camera phone.)

Top tier: 1/2 a Clementine, mixed greens, cucumber, carrots, and a yellow piggie container of apple vinegar (for the tofu).

Bottom tier: Red bean bun with pumpkin, steamed broccoli, fried and steamed tofu, Helly Kitty cup of seasoning for the tofu.
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First bento! A practice bento


Top: Boiled shrimp, octo and crab dogs with ketchup and mustard.
Bottom: Cocktail sauce and rice.

I decided to start doing bento boxes since I'm going back to school and will have exceptionally long Mondays and Wednesdays. I'm really excited over my new box and accessories (still coming in the mail, hence the paper cupcake wrappers for the sauces). I did this practice one to get a gauge on the time things will take, a feel for things overall, and the capacity of the box. As I'm going to need it for a 9+ hour day at college, I'm considering getting another one for extra reserves.

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The ladybugs multiplied (and changed) - lol

So I decided to try the ladybugs again, but this time I used black sesame seeds to save time. They're still cute, but they were cuter with the nori spots IMO...


Top Tier: Leftover Ham, Turkey & Roast Beef sub and buffalo doritos - plain ugly tier - lol

Bottom Tier: Baby Carrots, Macaroni salad w/ ladybug grape tomatoes, Giardiniera, Kiwi, Strawberries and clementine sections

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Kat's Bento:


Top Tier: Kiwi, Strawberries, leftover mexican rice

Bottom Tier: Deconstructed Salmon toasts, Quail eggs with shapes on them

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Cheese and biscuits.

On a wednesday, my son has a cello lesson, and then we go straight to a friends for cake and games. So,this is for eating before cake :)

Buttered crackerbread,cheddar, double gloucester with sundried tomato and oregano, southern fried flavour chicken, carrot and celery sticks, apple and pistachios.
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Lunch Box 622: Sebastian for lunch

I loves me some snow crab. It's very rare - as in never - that I and up with any left over, but somehow I saved two claws for lunch. They look lovely, don't they? The only problem with putting them in a bento box is that you can't exactly pick them up daintily with a pair of chopsticks. You have to break into 'em. And when it comes to crab, I have the table manners of Henry the 8th. So, it's a good thing I eat in my office, where there are no witnesses.

I also have yaki onigiri, some steamed broccoli, and some baked purple sweet potato. On the other side are chunks of breadfruit, strawberries, persimmon, and kumquats. Kumquats, for those not in the know, are like grape-sized oranges, and you eat them whole, rind and all. They are also very funny-sounding, which makes them worth buying right there.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
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long time watcher 1st time bento-er

I finally had time a resources to make a bento for lunch and was quite pleased with initial results

Especially seeing how I have NOTHING meant for bento

Sorry for the bad picture quality... bad camera and lighting

So using a Chinese food container I have: Carrot circles, Apple bunnies with choc chip eyes, Pomegranate seeds things in the cupcake paper… and meatloaf with mustard behind the tinfoil wall.

I was able to find a cookie cutter that would work so I made a meat heart! First time trying pomegranate like seed wise and QUITE good!


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First Bentos!

My sweetie and I just got our bentos, and last night we filled them with yummy treats!
I didn't have to leave the house today, so making a bento was kind of pointless, but we just couldn't wait to try them out.

This was his bento, which was consumed at lunch today. : )
Bottom tier- PR style rice with white beans, sliced boiled egg, banana nose and fried plantain mouth
Top tier- fruit cup (banana and berries), boiled egg car driving on hills made of tostones (fried plantains).
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Much Ado

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Not quite as exciting as yesturdays bento, but still very tasty. I went to make my bento for tomorrow (I actually have all my lectures tomorrow, not just revision) but found the kitchen filled with people I've never seen before (I live in halls) so it will have to wait until the flat is a little emptier. (Or at elast only full of people who don't thinik its unusual to find me making wierd things with food.)

Homemade Mini bean burger on lettuce and herb and garlic cream cheese (Cheese becuase the burgers were a little spicy)
Carrot and cucumber wrapped in ham and cream cheese (ham and cream cheese in the corner for unwrapped veg)
Sliced apple with jelly babies
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Snacky bento

This is another bento for my boyfriend.

Every bento I make him is more of a snack rather than a meal. He has a big appetite for such a slender person! Today I made his bento very snack-oriented. It has lots of little things to munch on. The elephants even made a return to this bento, just to add some much-needed color (almost everything in there is a neutral)!


Top tier: Half of a peanut butter and jam bagel, carrots, jicama
Bottom tier: Homemade corn muffin, edamame, sliced banana

I was surprised at how perfectly the corn muffin fit in there! It was a muffin miracle!

First week of bento!

I work in a school, and bento is WONDERFUL after months of eating the cafeteria lunch, plus a fun lunch always cheers me up in the middle of a tough day. Tomorrow is payday and I'm going to be ordering some new bento gear :D

Here was my first bento (they get more interesting after this one):

Left side: Ham and cheese sandwich, ramen.
Right side: Baby carrots, olives, white chocolate pretzel, Rocher chocolate, raisins, orange wedges, and lemon cream cookies.

I quickly realized I didn't need to pack so much food, because I couldn't eat all that. I also realized I cannot possibly eat more than two green olives in a single sitting.

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