January 13th, 2009

Evil Never Looked So Good

Lunch thrown together last minute this morning

I forgot to make enough dinner last night to take leftovers for lunch. I didn't realize that till I woke up. So I threw this together...

For breakfast, coffee and yogurt (and I ate some of the sandwich that wouldnt fit..)
For snacktime (yay teaching! snacktimes rock!) stringy cheese
For lunch PBJ heart sandwich with corners, pretzels, stringy cheese, and applesauce.

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Should I count them?

This is Tuesdays lunch

Left to right....
Left over pizza (cut into triangles), skinny carrots, ranch dressing (purple container), fruit and nut trail mix, cheddar cheese curds, celery, peanut butter (other purple container) and a few hot cocoa cream filled Hershey's kisses.

I can't wait till I can go grocery shopping again, All I have in the house is cheese, carrots and celery.

Today I am using a Rubbermaid Takealongs container.

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Bento #194

Back from vacation!
Stirfry with egg, Turkish bell pepper and eggplant, some raw carrot slices, a cherry tomato and two dumplings with soy sauce in the lower layer.
Mixed grain rice with ume furikake in the upper layer.

The sauce is a simple Chinese stirfry sauce paradoxically containing ketchup. That stuff does go around the world...!


Recipes and BF's blog on my bentoblog: http://wererabbits.wordpress.com
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Diagonal lunch

My son's pretty set in his ways sometimes, and he is about lunch. He likes a cheese and tomato sandwich for his lunch (peppers acceptable if no tomatoes, or plain if we've got neither, as is often the case at the moment, as neither is in season). It usually should be mature cheddar, but he'll accept red leicester or double gloucester.

Today he has a cheese sandwich, (plain, cheddar), a cereal bar as a divider, cut up apple with dried fruit 'salami' and dulce de leche in the rabbit (for dipping his apple). Also apricot juice, but I figured you knew what a carton of juice looks like :)

Mexican Leftovers lunch

Now before we begin I dont have any of my bento stuff as I am ot at home today :( so its not pretty however is very yummy!

Contains: Veggie fahita with advacado and creme fresh
Refried beans, veggie chilli with courgete, cheese and tortia sprincles ontop.

Will be back to pretty ones soon :( I miss them.
Zooey face

Bento Blue

Bento Blue! (I don't know the numbers anymore, so the names are all completely random.)

Bottom tier: avocado slices, spinach, onigiri with furikake, half a boca burger, and flower shaped sweet potato slices.

Top tier: 1/2 a pack of 100 cal. cheese its, spinach, carrots, 2 tuna roll pieces, green container of soy sauce.
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I am SO behind.

It's been a crazy couple of months, and I've had a few weeks where Bento-ing just didn't happen... But today, after a new shipment of bento gear a week or so ago, saw my first "hurry up and make a lunch" bento of the year!

Left: Green grapes, broccoli, sugar snap peas, grape tomato, baby carrots, cheddar babybel.

Right: Grape tomatoes, broccoli, sugar snap peas, turkey and cheddar cheese sandwich on Honey Whole Grain, penguin container of light mayo, and a container of Green Goddess dressing for the veggies.

More Bentos from my backlog Behind the cut...
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My bento's are more functional than pretty, but I'm working on it. I don't think they'll every be that "OMG KAWAII" cute or anything, but they're enough to impress my co-workers. :) (Being the youngest person in the building lets you get away with so much "unusual" stuff.)

I just got 4 egg molds in, so I'm looking forward to using those this week! My boyfriend is looking forward to that part.
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My First!

First off, I LOVE this community, everyone is so positive and helpful, I'm really glad to be apart of it.

With that I give you my first!

Kindergardener Snack Bento, (of course in his special tin snack box)

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clockwise from top left: Trader Joes Animal Crackers in a paper cup, clementine orange slices, sweet cherry tomatoes on top of honey wheat pretzels and a pack of antioxidant trail mix. (must find a better way to package the trail mix, seems wasteful with the little packages.)

On the bottom: this is sort of funny...we went to a home show because we bought our first house last year, and I got a sample of this artifical grass, which is pretty neat, but its just been sitting around for a while, just looking like a cute grass square. So I cut a square to fit in the bottom of the snack box. Its awesome because even if the little one puts the box on its side, everything is pushed up to the lid that nothing moves around! I even gave it a good shake and everything stayed in place.

After I put it together, he took a look at it and said 'wow mom that looks pretty!"
I'll definitely be making more bento snack boxes this year.
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plate, Pete & Pete

Bernard the Wonder Carrot

Bernard the Wonder Carrot

I've decided to have fun with my bentos again. I miss seeing my lunch looking back up at me. Poor little lunches have no idea what they are in for. Mwa ha ha ha.

In bento - quinoa salad with feta, cucumber, tomatoes, and green onion
roasted pork tenderloin
black dried figs

Click on the pic to go to flick for more info on Bernard himself.
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Muhammed Ebi
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Lunch Box 621: Guard octodog

Lookit that hot dog octopus. He knows that steamed broccoli and baked Japanese sweet potato are good food, and he's getting all covetous. However, he doesn't seem too sure about the yaki onigiri, and he seems to be ignoring the roasted chestnuts and mochi.

By the way, the last time I went to the Buford Highway Farmer's Market I looked for Nishiki rice. I couldn't find any in bags smaller than 25 pounds, and as I had to take my groceries home by bus that wasn't an option, so I got a 5-pound bag of Sho-Chiku-Bai Sweet Rice from Koda Farms. Let me tell you, I'm not pleased with that brand. It is not just sticky, it is gluey. You can't make fried rice out of it because it refuses to mix with the other ingredients. The texture is... not pleasing to me. Washing it before cooking doesn't help. Hmm, maybe all this has something to do with the fact that second ingredient listed on the bag, right after short grain rice, is corn starch. At least onigiri and sushi made of it won't fall apart.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
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Much Ado

(no subject)

Tee Hee... I'm a grown up really, honest!

Ryvita with cream cheese and cucumber, with cucumber and carrots for the eyes and cheese eyebrows
Ham as mouth, with cheese teeth, apple slice underneath

ETA - Ryvita is a brand of crisp bread in the UK, I've used Dark Rye.

I did get a little bit excited about this one...

Ladybug Bento! hehe :)

I had originally planned to do 4 or 6 ladybugs, but once I decided a hole punch made dots that were way too big and started cutting nori by hand, I realized I'd better only do 2 or I'd really be up too late. Next time I'm using the hole punch even if the dots look gigantic on the ladybugs! :P lol :)


This tier contains Macaroni Salad with ladybug grape tomatoes (the dots and face are nori and the eyes are sesame seeds), carrot flowers and dill greenery, kiwi and strawberries and bold chex mix

Kat came downstairs while I was packing the bento and actually squealed at their cuteness - lol - it made me feel good about them :)

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Kat's Bento:


Top Tier: Deconstructed salmon toasts - one of our favorite hors d'oeuvres, but Kat didn't want the toast to get soft, so she deconstructed it to eat together at lunch :)

Bottom Tier: Pitted cherries, strawberries, crab stick, steamed cauliflower, broccoli and baby carrots

She also has an apple and a kiwi gummy in the lid :)

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Question to group: Random Soapy Residue?

I've recently come across a problem that I find bizarre, because I'd never had problems with it before I started bento-ing.

My silicon cups and my Hello Kitty box are the only items that have done this, but they seem to retain the taste of the soap after they've been washed and rinsed (rather thoroughly, because I'm a little picky about it to begin with). I was able to make it a little better with the silicon cups by rubbing them down under running hot water before using them, but the Hello Kitty box was a complete surprise today. (it's weird to have a turkey and cheese sandwich with a hint of bleh).

Has anyone else had this problem? If so, is there a way to keep it from happening, or do I just have to keep re-rinsing things before I use them? Am I doing it wrong, or is it the type of plastic?
white outfit

meet up and sale? boston

is anyone else going to be at Arisia? its a convention in boston.. its this coming weekend.
i merchant there (beads and yarn and stuff) but i will be bringing some of my never used bento boxes for sale....

i will be bringing a bread machine so will have some home made bread...just in case you may be bribeable with food..
if you are there, stop by and say hello! (merchant name is Fabric dragon. i keep it simple..)


Bento # 472 & 473

Minor backlog, I never got yesterday's bento posted here... But here it is, along with the one from tonight.

Bento # 472
Bento # 472
Lettuce, spring onions, tomato, cucumber. Skewered meatballs, skewered falafel and a little döner in the giraffe-skewer. Bits of pita bread. Garlic dressing in the Kitty.
Bento # 473
Bento # 473
Yaki onigiri, octodogs and a sausage heart. Cracker fishies and a cherry tomato. Skewered mini meatballs, stir-fried mixed vegetables with oyster sauce and a few carrot flowers.

Evil Never Looked So Good

lunch for 1/14/09!

I am pretty excited about my Hello Kitty french fries. I have only made french fries once before so they are a little too brown, but they still taste good! and they are cute!!

So Mac n Cheese, Hello Kitty fries (and ketchup packets), stringy cheese, pudding, and homemade pizale (no idea how to spell it, the cute lil Italian grandma next door sometimes makes them for me!) cookies. This covers lunch and 2 snack periods in the school day.

KK Apron Baking Lady

50th Bento: Diet plate by default

Using the Fit N Fresh lunch box for this one (I LOVE this product!)

Left sidecar: hard boiled egg (in shell), cherry tomatoes, mini meat & mushroom pie
Lower sidecar: mixed olives, red pepper hummus, cheddar cheese slices & tomato
Right box: crudites of cucumber, carrot, celery and fresh green beans, with extra tomatoes.   Plenty of food to get me through the day!

Alice in Wonderland

my first bento!

Made myself a simple bento to bring to work.

Top: Edamame, Egg Salad, Kani Mayo
Below: Plain Rice with furikake and mock meat.

Made a simple one for today.
Really sorry, if its not up to standard.

Its my first time making a bento.
Thanks! ^_^

Red Raven
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(no subject)

 Hiya all! I'm new to this community and bento-ing, but my sister had recently gotten me into it and I got bento boxes for Christmas. Without further ado, I present my first attempt:

1st Bento

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First Bento

Hey there. This is my first bento :) My boyfriend got me this fancy bento for christmas, it originally has 3 parts, but I only made up two.

The top part is made or rice with rolled up egg and bacon. The bottom part has broccoli and baked breaded chicken.