January 12th, 2009


Bento # 471

Definitely functional rather than fancy. But at least the spring rolls looked pretty nice when cut in halves...

Bento # 471
Bento # 471
Spinach-ramen with chilli ketchup. Vegetable spring rolls, green peas (frozen), ice chocolate and chicken hotwings.




I'm not sure whether anyone here remembers me, but I sure have been thinking a lot about you guys. It's been a bit crazy around here and my "bentos" have really been more like "food thrown in a box".

But I changed that tonight and worked a bit harder at my box.

Not the best picture, but you get the idea. Bottom holds some Mac and Green. Top holds raspberries, a few HUGE grapes, a couple of squares of chocolate, and a little container of tuna.
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It's good to be back.

KK Apron Baking Lady

#49: party leftover pie

Leftovers from a gathering this weekend means a little bit of everything.
Left: homemade mini meat and mushroom pie + squash coins + salted edamame
Right: tomato & olives with basil + slices of cranberry Darbyvale cheese on top of wheat crackers

its like a little party in a box. :)

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Bento #67 - Playing With New Stuff

Sorry for the long absence.  Unfortunately we have been having some financial issues, so the first unnecessary bill to get cut was internet.  Boy did I miss it!  Anyway, as part of my Christmas gift my mom ordered a couple new boxes and some accessories from Ichiban Kan for me, so I've been having fun playing with them.  Here's the bento:

Bottom Tier (which is on top in this photo!):
1 - Cheese cubes on decorative picks
2 - Gelatin cup
3 - Red pepper strips & dip (in blue container)
4 - Spinach sauteed with bacon
5 - Hard boiled egg teddy (rolled briefly in soy sauce for flavor & color)

Top Tier:
1 - Grape tomato gap fillers
2 - Rice balls with grated carrot

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my "first" bentolunch!

Well the first that I got a picture of lol.

I didn't have much to work with in the house so I did my best.

This was all constructed in a Tupperware cheese keeper container.

Canned chicken salad and crackers and a mini spoon (from a store bought kit), 2 mini brownies, 1 wedge of mini brie cheese (the blue foil) carrots, celery and a small cup of ranch dressing with a tiny bit of sweet pickle relish on top for color. I used standard toss away baking cups as dividers, foil for the brownies and mini paper (3 of them)for the dressing and standard paper for the crackers.

I almost cant wait for lunch!
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bento #64

bento #64, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

First bento of the year! There's nothing new or exciting here, but a nice selection of some old faves.

Omurice and octodogs with catsup. I put a dash of soy sauce in the egg, which makes it a little dingy-looking, but tasty!

Home-made hot & sour soup with shitake mushrooms and water chestnuts.

Veggies with ranch -- it's under there somewhere.

A tangerine and fancy Pocky!

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Just Bento Challenge entry

Here's my first entry for Just Bento's Bento Challenge:

Bento Challenge lunch 1
I also have a tangerine half I'll be eating with this.

From left to right: Comfort Casserole from www.vegweb.com (with lots of extra veg added), 1/2 cup brown rice and some leftover tofu and mock duck in black bean sauce with vegetables.

Took the photo with my camera phone. But it's almost as good as my digital at home... Sad. This is also a good example of a bento that's not in a pretty, fancy box. I knew this bento was going to be put in storage for a little while, so I didn't want to use one of my other boxes.

Challenges are good?

Well this is my first effort with Maki's 5 Week Bento Challenge.

Breakfast is my toughest meal even though I am a stay at home mom so I made and packed one to eat when I settled in after doing the AM stuff.

I keep wanting to name it something like "breakfast on the farm" because of the tamagoyaki, ham and cheese (chicken, pig, cow) and maybe a little because of the grapes. The proteins are made into a toasted sandwich on a flour tortilla.

How about "Farm Breakfast in the Vineyard"?

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Muhammed Ebi
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Lunch Box 620: Bacon abuse

Mary Schmich wrote "Do one thing every day that scares you." Today I took her advice and packed a lunch featuring bacon tempura. That's deep-fried, breaded bacon. Not no fool turkey bacon either - real, greasy, swine-type bacon. I got the idea from something I saw on TV about a place that sold dishes of deep-fried bacon. At the time I screamed in horror at the sight of those plates of greasy death. But, a few months later, I had the urge to make tempura, and after the bacon chocolate chip cookies, I could hardly resist battering a few slices of bacon.

Surrounding is are relatively-healthy avocado maki, edamame, roasted chestnuts, and persimmon.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
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470: pea house

Semi brown rice with a mish-mash in the top layer including a pea house, tofu dog, radish, spinach leaves, carrots, and a clementine. Was very rushed this morning. I have fallen out of the habit of planning meals a week in advance, which means I'm facing the morning bento with absolutely no plan or idea of what to do. And I have to get it done in about ten minutes. Before too much longer I'll figure out what's wrong with that picture and fix it, but for now I'm rolling with it.

Jan 12 Bento

It's been a while since I spent as much time packing a lunch as I did this one - not that it's very kawaii or anything :)


Top Tier: Macaroni Salad w/ car stencil of paprika, Hummus, Bold Chex Mix, Mini Pita and a kiwi gummy

Bottom Tier: Salad and an onigiri shaped egg with nori face :)

Single Tier: Pitted Cherries, Kiwi, Baby Carrots, Red Pepper and Broccoli

He also had light ranch dressing on the side for salad and veggies

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Kat's Bento:


Top Tier: Mexican Rice (leftovers from dinner), tamago and steamed cauliflower (also dinner leftovers)

Bottom Tier: Sweet simmered black beans, crab stick, petit pudding and pitted cherries

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Much Ado

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Bento made up to eat at home. I'm revising for exams so like to take a break over lunch. I find if I have to make a bento, espcially with foods I have to concentrate to eat (eg hold the ryvita and cucumber together to stop it all falling apart everywhere) then I do actually take a break and am then able to work through till about 6, rather than burning out by 3.

Ryvita with garlic and herb cream cheese and cucumber
Halved boiled egg
Lettuce with 3 Jelly Babies on top
Sliced banana

I know I put the jelly babies on moist food again, after complaining about them absoring the moisture so much last time, but i ate this one straight after I made it so they were still normal jelly babies
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Yay, First Post!

My college is hosting a blood drive tomorrow so instead of going home to eat as usual, I brought a lunch so I can be healthy and stable before tomorrow's donation.

Top tier contains rice, teriyaki beef mixed with celery and onion.
Bottom tier contains peach yogurt, cheddar cheese on picks, and a chocolate.
Side car contains cucumber slices mixed in lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

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