January 11th, 2009


Toddler Bento - In Stereo

For our park trip yesterday, I packed bento for two toddlers - the Dumpling, and my friend's daughter who's the same age (18 months).  Pretty much all of them got eaten, too, which surprised me.

A container of cream cheese with a paddle (used for spreading the cheese on the rice crackers hidden under the tub, or else simply eating the cheese directly), some edamame on picks, grape tomatoes, cubes of nectarine, a tiny box of sultanas, and a package of two honey and oat biscuits.

The toddlers liked the animal food picks (see the larger image for cat and monkey picks: the bear pick is sadly out of shot), and the Dumpling found the edamame both delicious and entertaining.
Bento Cute!

Bento 63 & 64

These are the bento I ate for friday and saturday. I find that making similar bento is easier to do. It may get boring after a bit though.

I should buy some pasta! OMG fresh pasta is sssooo good!

Bento 63: MORE CARAMELIZED RENKON! This time, I added spinach (did I mention that before? I dunno!) beans, and the latest ingredient...HAM! Made some chicken, rice topped with katsuobushi and gomashio, mixed veggies, and broccoli. This came out great, and it only took maybe an hour or 1.5 hrs to make everything and pack it up. I had a bit leftover for a small dinner.

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Deamonryoko Bento 2 - Toddler Bento

David surprised us with dinner out to our favorite Thai restaurant the other night. Thai is just too spicy for the baby, so I whipped her up this tiny bento to take along for her dinner. When our food came and I pulled her little box out of my bag, she squealed and went "Oh wow! Cute!" Haha, she's so freaking funny.

Box is 250 ml. She's got one scrambled egg (folded like an omellete, and sliced so it's easy to pull out and munch on), a strawberry sliced to make it easier for tiny bites, a sliced olive, two cinnamon and nutmeg pancakes, and a cherry tomato. She ate every single bite, and also ended up eating tons of jasmine rice :P
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Mussels and Shrimp Bento

Mussels, shrimp, mushrooms, onion satayed with black bean garlic sauce on rice. A piece of sardines right on the rice cause sardines and rice is yummy.

I find that this new white glass "bento" photographs very easily. Also, have you guys heard about the plastic scare? How we pretty much should not be using plastics in the microwave because it causes cancer?(And this entire controversial issue) Just wondering how many of you using the plastic bentos have considered switching over to a glass container because of this?



Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I'm still trying to get the hang of preparing food before I wake up to make my lunch in the morning.
I'm making chicken katsu for lunch, and I was wondering if I coat it and put the panko and everything on tonight.. Will it still be crunchy if I put it in the fridge and then fry it tommorow morning? Also any tips for preparing ahead of time? I always almost miss the bus from making bentos!


I am totally amazed by what I have seen here the last few days.I was stuck at home all weekend with a horrible cold.

I want to post a pic of my "first" Bento....but I didn't have a camera :( I will need to get a camera phone soon because this was fun!

I'm in the frozen north of Wisconsin in the USA and...well...Bento is a total unknown here.

I went out to one of the inexpensive "China Buffet" restaurants here in town tonight, (more fried americanized versions of oriental food). When I walked up to the salad bar a light went off in my head.

I used soup mugs and made my kids and I each a small "Salad Bento" I was so excited!

Each round cup had 3 peach slices, half of a hard cooked egg, 3 grape tomatoes, 3 purple globe grapes, a "spooned" rice ball. Mine had 3 shrimp and the kids each had carrots and then I used a fork to cut a cucumber slice into a star shape for each one.

The owner of the place walked over to see what I had made and had the biggest smile. I couldn't understand much of what he said but the parts I did get were "bento" and "thank you" lol.

Thanks for the inspiration guys. Now I will have to rummage through my containers to see if I have something that will work until I can get the nice, flower shaped, lacquered box I saw online yesterday lol.

I avoided scrap-booking for a decade but in one weekend Bento has me hooked!
Robert Downey Jr

Another bento for the boyfriend

So my boyfriend accidentally threw away one of my silicone cups. AHHH! I have to make sure he knows to bring all bento supplies home. Otherwise, I'll end up with no cups, no dividers...and that would be a sad world. Thankfully, he remembered the elephant divider.

This is his bento for tomorrow. I put a little elephant pick in there, just to be consistent with the elephant theme I had in his last bento. :)


Top tier: Salad, Meyer lemon slices, ranch dressing (in the bear-shaped bottle), and spaghetti
Bottom tier: Président brie, butter crackers, and apricot preserves (in the fruit-shaped cup)

Brie and fruit is wonderfully delicious. It tastes great with bosc pears, but when I don't have any of those, I use apricot preserves (or dried apricots, even though they're expensive). I've even made a sandwich with brie, apricot, and spring mix. But I think I'll need a sandwich box if I want to pack one of those!

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First post

Top: I made this bento for my DH: chicken, grape tomatoes, Spring mix, rice-and-egg star, celery and carrot sticks, pecans.
Bottom row: My own bento!-- cut up soy patty, grape tomato, rice-and-egg star with nori on bed of Spring mix; kiwi, blackberries, pecans.
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