January 10th, 2009

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Fast suggestions

So, while I haven't been able to post any of my bentos here yet (lack of working camera cable equals a sad Sabrina), I've been trying to make one a week since joining up here and recently my mother started talking about how convenient bento lunches would be for her, since she teaches kindergarten and a)does not have a lot of space to store food stuff, b)does not get to take a lot of breaks but needs lots of snacks, and c)doesn't get to eat full lunches unless the kids are entertained by what she is eating. So for her birthday next month I bought her a basic set from Ichiban Kan, just a two-tier box and one snap box with utensils and carrying stuff.

The problem is that the sort of stuff I've been making for myself takes a lot more time than she has, and she has some food allergies as well. So do any of you have any good links for "practical," fast bentos, or suggestions for dishes that might fit that? And any bento-sized fruit suggestions that aren't apples or oranges that work well for you guys?

1/10 Bento & tutorial

Bento for Hubby today. Pretty basic, smoked turkey and cheddar sandwich, cheese puffs, carrots,orange slices, grapes, dried apricots, almonds, chocolate covered raisins and a left over chocolate cupcake from little one's birthday yesterday.

Some people have asked how I make the orange swirls so I thought I'd do a little tutorial. It's here on my blog.:)

Knit scarf

Bento 12

Bento for gaming day tomorrow. Bottom tier is veggies with bell pepper stars, and a teddy bear of ranch dressing, top tier is ham/cheese rolls, hard-boiled teddy egg, mini banana nut muffin, pistashios, and a chocolate for dessert. :)
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Bento 7, 8, 9 & 10 January 2009

This week I started on a new job, and thought it a good opportunity to make bento on a regular basis.

Bento 7 Jan.

Top: ½ sandwich with cheese, wraps with cream cheese, lettuce and crushed chili pepper, baby carrots with basil (the basil combines very good with the cheese sandwich)
Bottom: ½ sandwich with cheese, cut up wrap with coriander & lemon humus and lettuce on a lettuce bed, baby carrots with basil
On the right: crunchy liga!

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At long last another Bento!  I have made a few over the last few months but completely forgotten to photograph any of them! I bought a new bento box and its so cute! I love the writing on the top! Green House The sparkling water grows the fresh vegetables in the green house!

This one contains:
Bottom Layer: egg fried rice with spring onion and a pig full of soy sauce
Top Layer: carrot kinpira from Maki at Just Bento, and three meatballs, the chick is full of hoi sin sauce for the meatballs
Side Car: Strawberry and Chocolate Koalas

Bento for Jan 9

Click on the pictures to see them larger :)

My wonderful sister got me a Cuisinart Griddler for Xmas as I have been asking for a Panini press for a while :) So, Rob has a ham, turkey and meunster panini, cherries (Kat got me a cherry pitter for Xmas, so they are pitted :)), bold Chex Mix, Cantaloupe, Macaroni Salad w/ a carrot heart, baby carrots and a kiwi gummy :)

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Here is Kat's Bento for the 9th that she packed for herself as always :)

Top Tier: Rice w/ Furikake, Curried Chicken and potatoes and a crab stick

Bottom Tier: Pickled Daikon and carrot, sweet simmered black beans, baby carrots and raw broccoli

Not shown is her Hello Kitty Food Jar w/ seafood bisque that Rob made

I still have lots of backlogged bento to upload from the other camera - for some reason my laptop won't read that card, but I'll get around to it eventually :) It's good to be back posting :)