January 9th, 2009

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Bento For My Little Man

Today I used some steamed rice that I had prepared yesterday, molded into a circle, adorned it with some shelled edamame and a cute leaf pick, made some turkey bacon rolls and sauteed some mushrooms in sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger and a dash of sugar. My son loves mushrooms so I thought I would treat him to his favorite vege today. The little dog container has some white chocolate chips in it for a little sweet treat!

Toddler Bento

Here's a snack for my toddler while we're out this afternoon - it's inevitable he'll get hungry while we're out, and probably more than once, so I packed a few things he enjoys.

The box has a mini choc chip muffin; some rice crackers and a small container of cream cheese; some chopped baby corn; some grape tomatoes, and some grapes.  (Click on the picture for the full sized image).

My first Bento

This is my first attempt at a Bento lunch. I've had those boxes for atleast a good 3 months. Anyways. In this perticular picture. The top is Orange slices and Cut up Strawberries that I tossed in sugar because Im not a fan of Strawberries but we need to eat them before they go bad. I was going to have a mixture with grapes and bananas as well but my mom beat me to those. The bottom has white rice and a cheese salsa in a valentines cupcake cup I found in the cupboard. I was going to make a mexican style rice but we don't have any tomato paste or salsa so I just made white rice. The box on the right thats not in this picture has Chicken quesadillas. I also added a chocolate square in the lid :3 gotta have chocolate!

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Its not that traditional but I wanted to try it out. I'll attempt to make it more traditional next time.
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1/9 Birthday Bento

Today is Little one's 3rd Birthday. When I asked him what he wanted for lunch he said he wanted a Robot Bento. I tried to use foods he likes to eat (he is extremely picky!). Ham and cheese sandwich, pretzel, grapes and carrot arms, celery with cream cheese, orange, olive antenna, turnip and nori eyes (these were the only thing he didn't like and spit out), and a cherry tomato balloon. I kept it pretty simple and he ate almost all of it! Happy Birthday CJ!!!
A simple Bento for CDC today, but some of his favorite foods. Chicken veggie dumplings and spring rolls, steamed green beans, carrot and radish sticks, olives and a fuji apple (he will only eat fuji apples! what's with these picky boys? Oh yea, I was Queen picky when I was a kid. I guess it's my karma, hehe)
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O R'lyeh?

First Bento

Cross posted, sorry for anyone seeing it twice.

Okay, it's really not my first bento, but I decided I've been lurking for far too long and it's time to start sharing. Since it's my first post, I'll write a bit about myself too.

First, the box!:

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Amber von Beast

The cuteness begins

I live near San Francisco, so I took a trip to Ichiban Kan in Japantown yesterday. It was my first time going there and I was incredibly happy. Cuteness everywhere!

I went a little crazy buying bento stuff, but it was super cheap so I thought I should just go for it. I finally have some sauce bottles, dividers, and silicone cups. I really needed those!

My boyfriend is still recording at the studio and I've been sending him off with bentos every few days. This is his bento for tomorrow. I've decided to put a cute elephant divider in there to emasculate him in front of his manly metal guys (but to tell you the truth, he thinks it's cute, too).


Top tier: Leftover Costco pizza, parsley
Bottom tier: Carrots, more parsley, ranch dressing, dorayaki (cut into bite-size pieces to fit better)

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