January 8th, 2009


Bento # 469

My kid said she wanted more pasta in her bento. And while I didn't have any plain spaghetti, I did have a little somen left. So somen it is.

Bento # 469
Bento # 469
Somen with chili-ketchup. Broccoli and mini corn cobs surrounding a star-shaped egg. Chicken katsu with tonkatsu sauce

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Jan. 07, '09

Yea, it's been awhile. The holidays kicked our butts and we're only just now recovering. This is from yesterday (hope to have today's later). This was a leftovers lunch from eating out the day before.

Jan. 07, '08

Steamed Pot Stickers, Fried Rice, Shrimp & Vegetables

Funny story about the shrimp and vegetables. I took my grand daughter with me when I went to lunch since I was watching her while her mother worked. The Chinese place uses those miniature corns in their food all the time. My grand daughter picked up one of those corns and tried eating it like it was corn on the cob. It was so cute and funny! She gave up on it pretty quickly, but I just had to share. :)
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Fish & veg

oven baked lemon pepper tilapia fillet over black rice; tomato & basil salad & steamed green beans and carrots!

I absolutely love steaming veggies in the microwave; it takes no time and they add such great color and nutrition to lunch :)

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After Christmas Bento!!

Im geting back into the bentos now after the christmas rush. The first one is todays bento

I have left over veggie spag bol from last night at my dads house. Some mangetout, sugarsnap peas and carrot and for dessert a little jam sandwich! I had to put a face on the sandwich because the box looked a bit boring.

Next is a sunday dinner leftover bento i had on monday =]

so in this bento i have some mashed potato, broccoli and carrot, roast potatos and roast butternut squash and some chunks of lamb. I then have some goodies for dessert. I took the little goodies out and stuck this bento in the microwave at work. I must say it was extreemly satisfying to have a roast dinner at lunch while eveyone else eat their sandwiches staring jelously =]


Bento 192-198

Woah, almost at 200...and only in a year and a half. Not bad, really.

Some of these are from before Christmas...a lot of his lunches tended to look the same for a while there as Tim was either taking Chicken Tikka sandwiches (found the spread at Tesco) or a Thermos full of leftover soup, as I've been really cold and made a lot of soup the past few weeks, so it seemed kind of pointless to take photos of the same thing over and over.

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Muffin Cups

QUestion you guys:
I have several paper muffin cups, that I would LIKE to use for dividing foodstuffs from other foodstuffs, but I find them highly impractical compared to the silicone ones that are waterproof/tight. I only want to use up the paper cups I already have, but what good uses have you guys put them to?
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Jan. 08, '09

No, I haven't developed a crazy appetite; the smaller boxes are for my grand daughter (who is staring at her food and trying to figure it out right now -- the cookie got snatched up right away though!).

Jan. 08, '08

My lunch: Flat Bread Sandwich, Yellow Apple, Broccoli, Babybel, Honey Roasted Peanuts, Chocolate Cream Cookie, and Cucumber Dressing for broccoli.

Grandbaby's lunch: Egg (can't see it in this pic), Chocolate Cream Cookie, Broccoli, Snack Cheese, Yellow Apple.

I need to figure out how to make two different bentos because I actually wanted something else for mu lunch today, but the husband needs food he can tolerate without microwaving (thus the reason for a lot of flat breads lately). I just know making two different lunches means taking extra time to make them. Maybe if I just make the main course different and everything else the same? Do any of you who make more than one lunch customize? How do you do it without it taking up too much more time?
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Bento Breakfast!

It's a breakfast bento. In my brand new, sah-weeeeet Lock & Lock bento I won over at NotExactlyBento.com

Yay winning something!
Seriously though, super proud of this one:

Top tier is fat-free vanilla yogurt with frozen berries (they thaw overnight, kind of in love with this stuff lately), and cottage cheese (yes, lots of dairy, but good source of protein).

Bottom is mango in a silicone cup I made by chopping up a clearance muffin tin (I don't wanna pay a grip to go buy some, so I used my noggin and they work great), and teh teddy bear is ovaltine so about 2/3 of that milk will be for drinking.

Yeah, proud of that. *grins*

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1/8 Bentos

CDC's bento today was a quickie. I did not do any prep last night, but I did have broccoli beef and udon noodles left over from last night's dinner. That was a good start. He also got banana wedges, grapes,carrots, cheddar popcorn, a strawberry cobbler bar and some gummy fruit slices. As you can see I'm really starting to get a nice set of accessories in stainless steel, now all I need is the stainless steel picks!

Little one's snack bento for preschool. Bagel and cream cheese (his favorite food right now, it's practically the only thing he'll eat right now), banana wedges,grapes, almonds and dried apricots. He loves the animal picks!
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Lunch Box 619: More sweetfish

Pretty good lunch today, I'd say - beef & vegetable curry, baked purple sweet potato, a Yorkshire pudding, edamame, persimmon, mango, and taiyaki. I like how pretty the taiyaki turned out this time. It takes some practice, getting them to cook right when you're working on an electric stove. Unless someone has invented a glass taiyaki-ki, you can't see what you're doing.

Sorry about the lack of cleverness with today's post, but there's been a sad event in my family and I'm not feeling too chatty at the moment. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine, I just have to take some time and get over it. In the meantime - tell your family members you love them while there's still time.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
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Bento to convince me thursday is worth getting out of bed for (its a little manic at uni)

Cheese, cucumber and mayo sandwich on seed bread. Cox's apple cored and halved, with 2 Jelly Babies in each gap. segments from 2 satsumas and steamed green beans.

I don't recommend putting jelly babies in apple, they kind of soaked up the moisture, making the outside kinda wet and sticky but the inside still had the wierd jelly baby texture. it was odd and not alltogether plesent. Although they do give nice bright colours as the cornflour had dissolved!


my.... third! bento. :]
i shall call it, dinoto. or... bentosaur.

vegies: red pepper, carrot, baby corn, broccoli (totally did not know how to spell that), and uh.. red cabbage? next time i'll put rice under it.

dienosawr: pp&j sandwich (extra 25% reduced fat peanut butter, cuz i actually like it better), broccoli, and cherries. no, not healthy, REAL cherries.
i used the crust of the bread for dino stripes and glued em on with peanut butter.. not that it was at all necessary.
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Spicy Korean somyeon bento

I bought this Korean cookbook while in Singapore, and immediately took interest in this recipe forgochujang beef-shiitake somyeon (somen-like) noodles. It was indeed very spicy, but oh-so delicious :)

Top: Mixed fresh fruit salad (orange, kiwi, fuji-apple), Lotte Zero chocolate, some (nasty) pickles.
Bottom: Spicy Korean somyeon noodles w/ beef, shiitake, onions and gochujang (red pepper paste) mix.


Bento # 470

Not much considering it was a sort of anniversay-bento, # 470. But I had leftovers I wanted to use and I simply couldn't think of anything to put in the last container so it turned out as a sort of snack box. I don't think my kid will mind though ;)

Bento # 470
Bento # 470
Plain jasmine rice with basil/shizo furikake. Fisk/leek curry decorated with a few carrot slices. Mandarin in wedges. Cracker fishies.

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Has been a while since I posted since I had nothing to post really, christmas hollidays and such. But school started again, so it's back to bento's! Which I missed to be honest :)  

So follow the lj-cut below for the pictures+contents.
A picture of my bento for tomorrow:

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xwp - caesar salad

Tomorrow's lunch :)

hi, this is my first time posting in this community, though I've posted quite a few times over at eat_my_bento :)

I've just finished putting together tomorrow's lunch:

- New potatoes and a little pot of ketchup (I'm weird and like tomato sauce on my greens XD)
- Peas and sweetcorn, 5 little cheese and onion rolls, a little cup of coleslaw and green beans in a lettuce leaf.

It's nothing particularly exciting, 'cause I'm using up what we've got until we do the weekly shop tomorrow.
I've also put together a little fruit box for afters...

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I hope to be posting here quite often, as part of my new year's resolution to be healthier is to start taking bento to work again ^_^ Hopefully, my lunches will be a bit less boring after tomorrow XD

Hello, it's my 1st Bento!

Hello everyone,
I have been lurking here for a little awhile, and I love looking at food as much as I love eating it. Which is alot! haha. I am a college student, file clerk, and Japan lover. I lived in Japan last year, but I didn't buy many bento items while I was there haha.
Anyhow, this is my first bento, I had made a practice one previously but we don't really need to see that ^^;; My bento is the yellow one and I bought it in the San Diego Daiso and my mom's is the white one. She bought it at the Seattle Daiso.


Bottom: Mabo tofu (mom's the same but not shown.)
Top: soy sauce boiled egg, baby carrots, and dried fruit mix in my mom's bento.
I also added a yaki imo mini cake, and strawberry Melty Kisses for my mom.

Thanks for looking everyone! And Thanks for sharing all your lovely bento pictures!
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Silicone vs. Divider compartments

Which one is better?

I have a few silicone ones that are super handy, but I wanna get some plastic compartments for my bento boxes, but I don't want to shell out money in case it doesn't like up to my standards.

I'm already aware that the plastic compartments are safer in the micorwave, ne? I would never try it with silicone!

Is there any pros or cons to using either? Thank you in advanced!