January 7th, 2009

468: leftovers

A spicy bean and ground pork dish that hubby made. Top tier has lettuce, peas, roasted potatoes on picks, banana slices, pistachios. Still not quite back in the bento groove, kind of throwing things together at the last minute.

1st posted bento

Here is my lunch from yesterday.  I have not had the chance to upload the pics from today's lunch yet.  

Green bell peppers, gala apple, mango jelly and carrot.  fried rice, mini meatballs, a babybel cheese and a car shaped egg.  Gotta love those egg molds.  ( I also need to change my calendar at work. LOL)
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Muhammed Ebi
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Lunch Box 618: Cactus for lunch

I'm back from my holiday vacation with a typical what-do-I-have-in-the-fridge-today lunch: yakiudon, spinach with mayonnaise, baked Japanese sweet potato, taiyaki, grapes, and cactus fruit.

OK, the cactus fruit is pretty weird. I saw it in the farmer's market and figured that, at that price, I'd give it a try. I was delighted to see that fluorescent-looking fuchsia inside. Freaky-colored food is cool! But... well, there's only a tiny bit of flesh between the peel and the seed-filled core, the seeds are too hard to chew, and the taste did not impress me at all. You can eat the seeded part, sort of sucking the flesh out around the seeds and then spitting them out, or you can swallow the seeds. Me, I'll pass. Cactus fruit isn't nifty enough to be worth the trouble, in my opinion.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
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Bento #15


1. Carrot and celery sticks with cherry tomatoes, Soy sauce fishes. 
2. Sushi Rice with cherry tomato and shredded carrot.
3. Bagel (cucumber, cream cheese, smoked salmon) roll, carrot cut outs, kale.
4. Spicy (cucumber, spicy sauce, salmon) Roll.
5. Pickled ginger.

Unfortunately for this Bento, everyone was so exhausted last night when I finished (3am), that I forgot to make room in the fridge for this. It sat on the counter until morning, and my man wasn't able to bring it to work for lunch, as it had spoiled. :(



Today the bentos are a little chaotic and crazy. My best friend has been wanting to have me teach her about bentos so she can send them to school with her boys. I bought them each a bento box for Christmas and told her I'd give her a lesson. We had set up a day for her to come over for the lesson but unfortunately she ended up not making it. I had so much food prepped for the lesson that I went ahead and packed a bento for each of her boys anyway. They ended up with so many different things because I had wanted to show her some of the cool things I like to put in bento. So anyway these came out with about twice as much variety as I usually put in. So they are a little chaotic, but the boys loved them, even though it was way too much food for them. Contents: California rolls,onigiri, hard boiled egg, huckleberry muffins, babybell cheese, and lots of different fruits and veggies (too many to list!). CDC's (the one on the left) had fried rice and chicken instead of the California rolls ,he doesn't like and sushi :( . 

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Koyashige <3333
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Holiday leftover bento

I'm actually quite happy Christmas is over now. Had it been when I was younger, I know I would be a bit sad, but now one week or so is more than enough for me. So what better way to move on than finish up some holiday leftovers ;)

From left; Veggies and pickles (lettuce, pickled cucumbers and beets, cherry tomatoes), various cold cuts (one of spicy lamb, Christmas ham, Norwegian cured ham - like a salty parma-like type), Edamer-cheese sticks, cranberry-apple chutney, filled apricot confections (recipe HERE) and homemade panforte. And yes, that is Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf lurking in the salad forest ^__^

1/6 Bento

My bento today was some huge California rolls I made last night and a chicken veggie dumpling along with broccoli, orange cauliflower, carrot stick bundled with a bell pepper ring, edamame skewer, golden beet flowers, orange and grape skewer, dried apricots, raw almonds and chocolate covered raisins. I need to figure out how to take better photos. This one I tried in bright, natural light but I still not happy with it. I've got to start experimenting and find a better set up. Does anyone have any suggestions?

1/7 Bento

This was one of my favorite bentos ever. I love any and all kinds of Mexican food! Last night I made turkey tacquitos and guacamole along with some Spanish rice that I experimented with. I used a little enchilada sauce and added corn and cilantro, it was good last night but was way better today after sitting and soaking up the sauce. I also had carrots,radishes,golden beets, bell peppers,turnip, orange cauliflower, snow peas, baby corn and olives. I also packed a side car snack with orange slices, grapes, bananas, almonds, chocolate covered raisins and a couple of dark chocolate truffles that are to die for (I had a major chocolate craving today). This was sooo good I think I'll have to do another one like this tomorrow ,I still have leftovers :)

First bento

My friend, noshutup , started doing bento and it seemed like a good way to save money in college, so I bought my first bento last week. Top is black beans and teriyaki chicken all on a bed of white rice. Bottom is salad.
Teriyaki chicken and black beans don't really go together, but you eat what you have when you're in college.
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