January 6th, 2009

Bento Backlog

Hey guys! I just found my camera cable today, so I've got quite the backlog. Over the holiday break I was able to make my bentos whenever I wanted, giving me ample oppourtunity for great sunlight (perfect for taking photos). Unfortunately, now I've returned to waking up at 6 every day to pack my lunch. Anyone know some good tips for artificial lighting, or editing pictures to get better lighting? Thanks in advance! Now, without further delay..

Snack bento, made of half a tangerine, some banana slices, cucumber slices, some peach yogurt, and baby salad greens for garnish. Tangerines aren't the tastiest of the citrus world (that position belongs to the kumquat), but they certainly are pretty.

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467: odds and ends

Clearing out the fridge and using egg, clementine segments, red bell pepper, cucumber, cole slaw and turkey pieces. That's a slice of summer sausage on the rice. This rice is definitely more brown than I'm used to. The flavor is fine, but it's not as white so not quite as attractive a contrast in the bento. As soon as this bag is gone I'm getting my regular kind again!

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Carb Free Bento

I am doing South Beach right now in hopes of losing some of the weight I gained over the holidays. The result is this carb-free bento:

Jan 6th Bento

Contents: Top-Roasted Fennel, plum tomatoes, cheese
Bottom - Salmon, marinaded artichoke hearts

What's cuter than a breadbox?

I'd been psyched about using my new Nikyoro bread-shaped box and finally got around to it today.  I love that the top is the perfect size for two regular-sized sandwich slices to slip into.  A picture of the box itself, all closed up and adorable, is behind the cut!

In the sandwich compartment is a veggie-bologna and soy cheese sandwich, and in the bottom there are four edamame dumplings with a panda full of soy sauce, some cherry tomatoes, blueberries, and two chocolate truffles.

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Bento # 467

Today's bento is a clear sign that.. I got me a deep fryer for Christmas. And whenever you get a new toy... you want to try it out. So I'm going mad in deep fried everything *L* Something I'm sure my arteries will appreciate ;)

That is also why there's such a lot in this bento... I kept finding things in the freezeer and thinking "weee more to fry" I doubt my kid will be able to eat it all. But at least she'll get quite a selection to choose from today.

Bento # 467
Bento # 467
Tempura shrimps and -lotus root. Green peas. Yaki onigiri. Deep fried chinese dumpling. Chicken nugget. Koroke. Sweet chili sauce in the Kitty.

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Curry Flavored Pork Tempura

Today I made the kids pork tempura that I seasoned with mild curry. They both love curry so I thought adding a bit of curry to the tempura batter would be a nice touch. I also put in little babybell cheeses that I used my metal vege cutter on to make a flower shape cutout in the wax. They also have steamed rice with nori smiley faces and edamame. I also put a fruit side car for each of them into their bento bags along with a box of apple juice!
Great Year Sigil

My first bento. :3

I have been lurking for a while now, and I have been wanting to make bento for a long time, but I can't find any bento boxes in my area and I am still waiting for one that I ordered to arrive. Today, I REALLY couldn't wait anymore so I used tupperware that I had lying around and made my first bento lunch ever. :D

Sorry for the poor quality of the picture, but my camera is broken so I had to use the webcam on the mac. I was just too excited to wait. ^_^

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Thank you for looking!
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Happy Zen Lunch

Happy Zen Lunch!  Tiny yin-yang rice balls of regular white sushi rice and black rice on a bed of steamed green beans, plus a sliced Caribbean jerk flavored chicken breast left over from dinner on top of steamed squash coins. Mm. so yummy and healthy.


Bento # 468

Not exactly elaborate, it's a mix of leftovers from dinner (the veggies), freezer-stash (the meatballs) and something created for the purpose (the tamagoyaki)

I'd bought (from www.j-list.com a nifty little gadget for making omelet in the microwave and this was the first time I tried it. The verdict: I LOVE it! It was easy to use, the egg didn't stick to it (I wiped it with a bit of oiled tissue before I poured the egg in) and it cooked the egg perfectly. I used pasteurized eggs, so it was technically not quite two eggs as the recipe on the pack called for, but 1½ egg white and two yolks. Still, the result was perfect. And it didn't turn rubbery!

I rolled it up when it was halfway cooked, like you'd do a normal tamagoyaki roll, and after it was done, I rolled it in a bamboo mat (one I have where the bamboo is thicker than a usual Maki mat) and put it in pressure under a pile of pots and pans to flatten it and indent the ridges on the bamboo. Once it was cooled, I sliced it up. I think it looks pretty.

Bento # 468
Bento # 468
Skewered mini meatballs. Rolled-up microwave-tamagoyaki with leek. Ovenbaked potatoes, leek, carrots and beetroots.

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I forgot how exhausting school is, as well as doing everything in the world all in a few hours. Anyway, this is my first attempt at onigiri. The triangle shape was kind of hard, so I just stuck with round ones.

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