January 5th, 2009

465: snowman onigiri

Weather calling for sleet and flurries, so here is a snowman for Muffin's return to school. We had a long and luxurious holiday break in which I was just Not Feeling the bento, so no backlog to post. This snowman comes with leftover hamburger pieces, two potato skewers, cucumber slices, grapefruit segments and some peas as garnishes. Muffin got this new box for her birthday from my cousins who were in San Francisco. Mink the Monkey likes to read just like Muffin does.

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happy new year :)

first bento back in the new year~ hope everyone had a good one!

veggie dumplings/nori wrapped chicken breast bit of homemade salsa in the middle

have a great day!
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Another lovely find :)

If you happen to have a Williams Sonoma store in your local mall, or maybe perhaps online, they carry these nifty little cookie cutters.

See what comes in the set: 
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EDIT: I could not find them at Williams Sonoma's site. :( I think they may be a store exclusive. :_:

EDIT//2: Disregard my kitchen help, that's trekkiegrrrl 's fault.
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Yummy Sushi!

Today I made the kids special obento since it was their first day back to school after the Christmas break. I used their favorite types of sushi, they were so surprised!
My daughter has salmon & shrimp sushi, New Years kamaboko slices, kamaboko tempura and edamame!
Bento Cute!

Bento 61 & 62

My GAWD this was good..

Bento 61: Noriben, but with no nori on top like it most noriben. I don't like nori on top. It looks ugly. >.>

We have some hambagu (I can't get enough of it! I think it's my favorite food to make/eat!), a cup of caramelized spinach, beans, and renkon mix. (THIS IS SO, SO GOOD! I could eat this all day!) A lil piggie of soy sauce. RIce is topped with a sprinkle of goma.

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