January 2nd, 2009


Hello, been watching this space for quite long, and still didnt dare to try out.
But have a date coming up w my Boyf, and I want to do smth that wont spoil in a hot day?
He likes onion eggs ^^
Pls help me? 
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Panda Egg

Last night I was thinking about all the cool things I could put into the new bentos I'm getting soon, and I love panda's and I love eggs, so why not have a panda egg?

The egg isn't that good, the shell stuck to the egg to much. The black is all nori, and the white for the eyes is rice.

Does anyone have any good tips of how to get the shell off an egg so easy? Without it sticking?

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Super Quick Bento

I found out I had to work unexpectedly this morning. So I threw together this bento in about 10 minutes. Not pretty but it got the job done and turned out pretty good too. Steak fajitas - corn tortillas (wrapped in saran wrap to keep from drying out), cilantro rice, black beans and corn, and hidden under the tortillas sliced steak bites. In the top portion of the box is shredded cheese and a container of sour cream (I wish I had guacamole, sigh...) I had some sliced veggies left over from yesterdays garden bentos so in they went with some apple slices and grapes. Voila, speed bento!

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Bento Cute!

Bento 59 & 60

I bought renkon (lotus root) in a bag of water today, cuz it looks like a tasty veggie, and well...partly because of the flower it comes from. ^^;;; I also got other frozen veggies and more ground beef so I could make a modified version of Renkon Hasami-age. The recipe calls for frying the sandwich of lotus root with some minced meat in between, but I'm not a big fan of fried foods as I used to be. So I only cooked it how I would cook a hamburger, or in this case, a hanbagu.

Bento 59: Renkon hanbagu, container with BBQ sauce, wasabi, and mayo for the burgers, an apple bunny (my first one! :D), and mashed carrots and potato in the silicone cup. I think that one came out a bit too salty, so next time, less garlic salt.

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