October 31st, 2007


3 bentos with a halloween special one :D

Life has been pretty hectic lately, what with work and my newfound love for dolls (pullips!) so I'm not able to bento as much as I used to. Even when I do, I hardly find the time to cross-post here. Hope no one minds the triple bento post, I'll keep the other two pics small and under a cut anyway.

170 Spooky Eyeball Bento

Spooky Eyeball Onigiri, stuffed with smoked salmon and cream cheese, a side salad of iceberg lettuce, smoked salmon and cheese, and a small portion of tuna salad.

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Lunch Box 459: Happy Halloween?

Normally I'd have a Halloween-themed lunch, but circumstances conspired against it. I was sick on Tuesday, and didn't eat the lunch I packed Monday night. So, here it is, a day late, all non-Halloweenish.

Anyway! Here's unagi no kabayaki over rice. (Is eel Halloweenish? No? Oh well, I had to try.) That dark corner has baked eggplant slices alternating with beets because I was curious as to how the flavors would work together. Up above that is some marinated, stir-fried tofu under a "rainbow" of steamed long beans, and, finally, baby bananas over in the corner.

By the way, I am not entirely bereft of Halloween spirit. Far from it! In my office I wore a kimono I sewed myself. Out of denim. With a pants-leg obi. And, as happens every year, I got dragooned into doing several coworkers' makeup.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
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Onigiri - what's the deal?

I have a question for all of you onigiri-makers out there.

I've made onigiri and I even bought a couple of molds online. But they're just SO disappointing. Are you doing anything special to make your onigiri taste great?

I've tried
- plain rice with tuna stuffing (too fishy)
- rice boiled with chicken stock and fried bacon center (too flavory*)

How do I make good onigiri? Do I add sushi vinegar? What's the secret?

(* I love bacon and I LOVE flavor but I just couldn't eat the whole thing. When I say "too flavory" it's like if you drink a cup of gravy. Just heavy. )
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Happy Halloween!!!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I tried to use the moon cookie cutter to take a chunk out of the rice. Inside the rice is Chinese style Tomato Beef. Such yummy comfort food. There are 2 mozerella cheese balls and 3 pumpkin sushi. The pumpkins are tamago dyed orange mixed into some orange rice. Those two are like pumpkin muffins w/ vinilla cream cheese frosting type thing on top. Inside the muffins are chocolate chips. I already ate one for breakfast hahha.

Close ups of the pumpkin sushi in my blog.

oh so sleepy ...x.x
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Bento #35 - Happy Halloween!

I've been MIA for the last three weeks.  But I'm trying to get back to posting again, and I figured Halloween was a good place to start.  So, here's my Halloween lunch (I spent the day at school with my son, and it was a big hit at the lunch table).

Bento 35
Side Container:
1 - Mini Cupcake
2 - Skull & Bones Apple

Main Container (Clockwise from top left):
1 - Pumpkin Baby Bel Cheese
2 - Cat Shaped Chicken Salad Sandwich
3 - Hard Boiled, Colored Egg Monster
4 - Carrots
5 - Black Olive and Marinated Mushroom Picks

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Bento # 169, 170 and 171 all at once...

Sorry for the pics without a cut. I can't figure out how to put it in when you use the "Post Pictures to Journal-option.

Bento # 169
Bento # 169
Cocosmilk-fried rice with soy and gomasio. Cucumber-flower on top. Chicken katsu on top of some likewise cocosmilk-and-soy fried mixed vegetables.
Bento # 170
Bento # 170
Steamed chinese bun with pork and vegetables. fried black tiger prawns with spring onion. Bottle of soy. Curry rice with coconut milk, spring onions and carrot letters. Velbekom(me) is roughly the same meaning as Itadakimasu, in danish, only this is mostly said after you've eaten, said by whomever prepared the meal.
Bento # 171
Bento # 171
Breakfast bento, my work starts wayy early tomorrow so I needed some comfort food :) Bisquits with apple and raisins, honey-roasted cereal, youghurt with pear and extra pear flowers on top and a mueslibar, in case I'm still hungry after this.

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Kidlet won't get his Halloween bento until tomorrow since the school is having their party then. Today's bento includes new Shinkansen nori cut outs sent by a friend in Japan!


Left: Green beans and checkerboard apples *Kidlet's new favorite way to have apple*
Right: Onigiri with shinkansen nori, two mini turkey octodogs on top of a few carrot slices
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