October 11th, 2007

bento # 5

This is bento #5 - but only the second photo i've posted - it's Thursday and this is my 4th day back at school - the other teachers are somewhat envious - with some trying to steal my goodies ...
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Cling and sing ring-a-ding sparrows. Bento #12

Boyfriend's bento:

Return of the crispy sesame beef! Also included is some sukiyaki ramen with kamaboko, and a fruit dish with apple of both the pine and regular varieties.

My bento:

A small lunch for me today since I have very little time between class and work. I get some shoyu ramen with all the kamaboko I could cram in there. This ramen is Nissin because I couldn't find Shirakiku ramen anywhere. ^^;
This bento has a cute little story written on it in Engrish about birds and trees and rain.
Muhammed Ebi
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Lunch Box 447: Best served cold

Not too long ago I was getting something out of my freezer when a container of squid slid out and hit me on the foot. Who knew that frozen squid landing point-first could feel like a javelin? Well, I have a lovely bruise to prove it. As soon as I stopped cussing I vowed to take revenge for this unprovoked attack by grilling and eating the kamikaze squid. Hence the teriyaki squid on rice. The edamame, obimake enoki, and banana bread are not part of my revenge, unless I decide to pelt the squid with them before consuming it. And I just might.

Oh - this meal is also best served cold because it's a bad idea to microwave squid. It turns to plastic.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
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Fighting the Gloomy Cold Bento

=yaawwwn= Morning Every one!  -.- zzzzz

Drinking my rose green tea as I write this. yum yum! I swear all I think about is food now, tee hee. Also since I am a LJ newb, is there a way that I can post to my journal and the community journal at once?

I made this bento last night because I can start to feel the cold coming and I was sick of looking at my same onigiri design scheme. Also a rain shower can a little bit early, like a warning that Winter is soon coming.  I wanted to have blooming blossoms and nothing in a Fall color scheme. I wanted bright bright bright! The top tier is fried rice w/ bacon (adding bacon to things just automatically makes it taste better) and mixed veggies. The sakuras are made out of fish cake.

Bottom tier has a soy sauce, 2 quail eggs, babybell cheese, mini flan, and carrots.

Last night Mr. +1 came over again after a long day of work, then motorcycle buying, then hamster water bottle buying (my sis broke my hamsters drinking bottle last nights >.< ). He was getting really irritated (I would too) from all rushing. Then he told me that he still hasn't eaten dinner yet!!! I went like this 0.0''. Poor guy =(  Sooo, I just made more rice, cut more bacon and made more fried rice. On his bowl, I also added a little flower, and cut a quail egg in half. That quail egg was HUGE! He sed it was yummy, when I tasted it, it was pretty good =)

It sad that I don't  know how my bento's taste like since I not the one eating then. But the upside is that when my mom leaves for China, My dad and I will no longer have lunch which means BENTOS!! woohoo!!! 

Also may I please have a tag for this community.

tag: hanabento
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Looking for a bento box...

I'm looking to buy cute one-tier bento box(es, probably), roughly ~600mL capacity, rectangular. I'd prefer they were microwavable, as well. I've found exactly ONE that seems to match what I'm looking for...and variety is good.

Any suggestions as to where I could buy one online, eBay or otherwise? I live in Canada - I've found a few sites with nice ones, but they don't ship here! :(

Thanks, all! ^_^
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Carnitas lunch in Disney Cars gear

I gave in and got my son a Lightning McQueen bento box and kinchaku (Lightning McQueen is a character from the Disney Pixar kids' movie "Cars"). I am weak! Could not resist!  Contents of preschooler lunch: Inarizushi, prune half, strawberry, steamed green beans with bottled Korean barbecue sauce, and shredded pork carnitas. Morning prep time: 7 minutes, using frozen inarizushi and leftover carnitas.

Full blog post with photos of the Cars bento box and kinchaku, notes on the Costco carnitas and frozen inarizushi, and detailed packing info is here at Lunch in a Box.
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Bento #4

Another workday, another lunch. I got cuter with this one!

From top left, clockwise (as usual):

Provolone cheese sandwiches in the shape of cats. (I wasn't sure what to do with the extra bread, so I put it in the freezer and will probably make croutons/bread crumbs...I think?)
Garden Chips - banana flavor (I got 2 free sample bags, this is one) - Underneath, the extra cheese bits from the cat sandwiches.
Laughing Cow cheese/Triscuits and a couple of frozen grapes
More of my chocolate filled cookies (I need to get more of these)
Onigiri with furikake and nori (I froze this one following Biggie's instructions, microwaved it this morning...)
Baby carrots and a few random edamame with lite ranch in the Hello Kitty cup

I actually may not even eat all of this today - I'm going out to lunch (just found out) - but some of it will make a good snack. I'm a new mom and I need the extra energy!

Hm. If I keep this up I might need a tag! :)

Potato salad

Potato and egg salad for lunch today. I was lazy last night and just scrubbed the potatoes well without peeling them, chopped them up and put them to boil. The skin is pretty good for you, rich in iron (hint to mylunch ;) ).

Top tier: cucumber, cherry tomatoes, chicken and leek gyoza and dark vinegar in fish container. Bottom tier: potato and egg salad with parsley garnish.

inarizushi... again!

I was running late this morning, so I wasn't able to take a photo of this bento until 5 seconds ago here at work... and now I will eat it! ^_^

left: inarizushi filled with rice mixed with salmon furikake; grape tomatatoes.
right: steamed broccoli tossed with soy sauce and chili oil; hard boiled eggs; dried plums; french onion Laughing Cow; Rocher chocolate.
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#21: Fully Legal

I have to say, today's was the tastiest bento I've made so far.

Under the lid today were some green beans. Pictured here in their frozen state. I added a little bit of salt to them before heating them up at work and they were tasty tasty. (And I'm not a fan of green beans.)
#21's Lid
Also pictured: a bottle of ranch (for green bean dippin') and extra teriyaki sauce for...
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bento #8

  This the 3rd time I'm trying to write this entry!!! ARG

ok...so Fishsticks, perogies and mini egg rolls on one side. Apples and celery slices, cheese and mini muffin cookie on the other. >_<

All very yum when I ate it. XD

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Bento stuff at target

I went to target today and I found a lot of bento stuff in their dollar section. They had little halloween fork and spoon sets that fit in your bento, and fall themed craft punches that you can use for nori. The ones I found were shaped like various leaves, an acorn, and a jack-o-lantern. The forks and spoon set came in green, blue, and another color that I can't remember.

I bought all this stuff for 6 bucks! Idon't have any japanese stores by me so  I am glad to find something nearby.

Nashville, TN

BTW, I know there is a geographic shopping guide, ya'll.

I am going on a trip soon jointly to Nashville, TN and Phoenix, AZ. The shopping guide doesn't have any info on Nashville, so if anyone knows of any stores there, I would appreciate the info.

Also, are there any places you'd highly recommend in Phoenix to find bento boxes, egg molds, sauce containers? Are all the places in the shopping guide still there? I only have Sunday afternoon to shop, so I'm planning to go to Banzai 99 and the Sanrio store (hopefully both will be open).

Thanks a bunch!


Inarizushi filled with turkey-soysauce mixed rice. Carrot hearts on top, to remind me to love. Couscous tabouleh with red and yellow tomatoes separated from the inarizushi by green sushi-grass.


totoro mush

Barbunya Bento!

Bottom Level: Barbunya Pilaki, A Turkish dish of rice and toasted orzo and beans in a sauce of olive oil and tomato paste, garnished with tomatoes, carrots and green onions. Top Level: Vegan Slaw, veggies from my garden, red bean cake, a piece is sliced open to show the color, a spirulina nut ball, also cut open - so green!- and a little piece of almond biscuit leftover from tea- See more almond cookies on my page!
Barbunya pilaki - first time i made this Turkish dish, since of course barbunya beans are not to be found at the local food lion...  it turned out pretty well, my husband says it tastes right even if it don't look right...so i guess that's a compliment, or I'll it take as one anyway..
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Menu help?

So my boyfriend and I have our anniversary coming up (Sunday!) and I need a little help. I got him his own bento box, a nice big manly one so he can stop using my little pink ones and having to hide it from people, lol. On Sunday I planned to make us a bento picnic and then give him his box, all full of tasty food. I was wondering if you guys could give me input on what I plan to put in it. I want to know if these foods will compliment eachother well and give a good variety of colors, flavors, textures, etc. Thanks so much! :-)

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JG: Ueto Aya (上戸彩) - eye cover

Bento #2 and #3 + some questions!~


I bring you photos of 2 new bentos I made. Nothing special though~

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And I have some questions:

1) First of all are there any Germans here in this community? If so where do you usually buy your stuff? And I do not only mean food, but also bento boxes and accessories :) (Germany is unfortunately not listed in the shopping guide of this community :/)

2) A question to all people living and ordering in the EU (Europe): It´s been actually 7 (!) years since I last ordered s.th. online from OUTSIDE of Germany. I can still clearly remember that I had HUGE trouble with the customs and had to pay lots of MONEYZ. So this time I wanna avoid trouble and losing lots of money. What do I have to do? What is important? Is it better to order a lot of small things and let them be send to you seperated, so that you won´t have an "expensive" package??
Concerning the customs is it better to order from a private person (e.g. ebay) or an actual online shop or doesn´t it matter?

3) Usually I always have some canned tuna left. I heard it´s not a good idea to leave it in the refrigerator for too long. How long will it be still eatable? And same goes for onigiri with tuna/salmon filling. Can I store them for 1 night in the refrigerator without having to worry? Same with bolied egg like those seen in my boxes above. If I transport my bento boxes while having room temperature for ... let´s say 5hours, are those eggs still okay? (haven´t actually tried it out yet)

Okay, that´s all for now. Sorry for these stupid (?) questions.

Nya~ am thankful for tips! ^-^/

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Bento #31 - The Onigiri Formerly Known as Sheep

See that pile of rice in the lower left corner? Yeah, that used to be a sheep onigiri. He broke in half when I was shifting it from the bowl I microwaved it in (was from my frozen stash)! :( Oh well, it'll still taste good. :P

Keeping my poor rice company is a few sprigs of broccoli, and an elephant soy sauce bottle. In the main portion of the Lock n Lock are two chicken burger patties cut into chunks, a few buttered brussels sprouts, a HK container of BBQ sauce for the chicken, and a pear, cut into chunks, topped with cinnamon. You can't really see it, but there's a cute soft green monkey food pick tucked in beside the pear chunks. I just received it today, along with a few others, and my rice ball moulds and green grapes kinchaku bag, to match my bento box! Yay! So after I use up the last of my handformed onigiri, it's on to the rounds! I'll make up a batch tomorrow, probably. ^_^

Think I could snag a tag, please? :)
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アメリカのべんとう - 日五 - 金曜日




Thanks to everyone who has been helping me with my grammar. I will try and have some more variety in next weeks lunches.
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