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Bento #48 - Let It Snow (& a new box)

Well, between the holidays and a plumbing issue that all but shut my kitchen down for three weeks I haven't been making bentos for about a month.  I've missed it!  Here's the one I made Friday:


Top Tier:
1 - Snowflake & snowman shaped chicken nuggets
2 - Green olives on picks
3 - Snowman onigiri filled with a ground chicken and veggie mixture (hat is black olive, scarf is a piece of lunch meat)
4 - Snowman container with honey for nuggets

Bottom Tier:
1 - Carrots, broccoli, ans sweet red pepper rings
2 - "Snowflake" apples and grape gap fillers
3 - Snowman filled with ranch dip for veggies
4 - Snowman cookie

This is packed in a new box I found.  It can be used with one tier, or keep adding on as many as you need.  The lid has a built in handle.  It will be a great picnic bento.  I have six tiers (I can get more if needed).  There are three plain tiers and three divided tiers.  The brand is Snapware (they have a website).  They are listed as craft organizers, but on the packaging, website, and in the e-mail I sent them, they stated that they are food safe, good for freezer and refrigerator, top rack dishwasher safe and microwave reheatable (lid too - loosen lid before heating).  I believe that each tier is a 3 cup capacity - HUGE!  I'll probably only use one tier at a time from now on unless I'm packing for more than one. 
Here it is with just the two tiers I used:

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