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Bento Lunches
Gnoegnoe's bento of mahjong date leftovers 
30th-Oct-2007 09:57 pm
cat, kat
On Sunday we had some family over for a game of mahjong (ha, I won!) and so on Monday I had some leftovers to take to work :)

Bento #30

On the left: veggies (cauliflower florets, radishes and carrots), fresh basil leafs, cheese wedge and hiding underneath is a container with home made salsa picanta.

Right tier: plain nacho crumbs, little plum tomatoes, mixed nuts and edamame.

On the side some pear and kiwi sprinkled with lemon.

It was very yummy ;) A pity that the weather was grey because now my picture turned out kind of bleak as well :(

BTW in case you're wondering: Halloween is not such a big deal here in Holland...
31st-Oct-2007 01:06 pm (UTC)
I love mahjong! And the pear and kiwifruit sidecar looks lovely and fresh.

I don't think Halloween is a big deal here in the UK either until recent years. Americanisation creeping in :p
1st-Nov-2007 01:37 am (UTC)
OH...basil! When I looked at the photo I thought, "A Brussel sprout? That must have been some vegi tray!" --Jeri
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