queen of the cows (kaoko_cow) wrote in bentolunch,
queen of the cows

Freezer Staples to the Rescue!

Tags: kaoko_cow

  • 10.10.27

    Top Tier: Bear Tamagoyaki (with onion, carrot and mushroom), Mummy egg, cucumber w/italian dressing, a couple of cherry tomatoes- carrots for…

  • 10.10.26

    A super quick bento today- Top tier: Two inarizushi with roasted sesame seeds, cherry tomatoes and carrots. Bottom tier: Ham & Cheese pita, more…

  • 10.10.25

    I'm going to be very busy right before Halloween, so I decided to make my Halloween bento early. (CLICK IMAGE TO MAKE IT LARGER) Top Tier: Some…

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