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13th-Nov-2012 12:34 am - Quick bento for Hubby~

Just a quick lunch for hubby. Broccoli (with green beans and sugar peas underneath), cherry tomatoes, chicken nuggets and noodles seasoned with 'peperoncino' spice. And a goofy nori face, because I felt like it. Ahahaha.
11th-Nov-2012 10:55 pm - First Bento in a while.
So haven't had much time/reason to make a bento, but I needed a lunch for work so finally had an excuse to pack one (plus, new box added to my eternally expanding collection. In case anyone in the US cares, they have been selling bento boxes at TJ Maxx, near the check lanes).

Sorry for the cell phone pic, I have misplaced my camera.

Contains Beef-less tips with a little mustard, broccoli, cube of cheese, blackberries, yellow pepper, brown rice, walnuts, and another cube of cheese.
5th-Nov-2012 07:08 am - My daughter's preschool bentos
I've been making her bentos all year but only have pictures of three of them so far.

The school provides morning and afternoon snacks which tend to be fruit and baked goods so I try to balance that with a less carby lunch.

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Caroler bento
Monday: quick cheesey drop biscuit dough shaped into "fingers," with sliced almonds for "fingernails." I used Monterey Jack cheese so some of the fingers had "warts" if the cheese melted just right! Mini bell pepper slices. Spinach leaves. Grapes. Cucumber. Carrots for the third-grader.

bento 10-29-12

Rest of the week behind a cut.Collapse )
29th-Oct-2012 09:08 pm - Bento #30
hedgehog :P

Roast beef and yellow american cheese in a whole wheat pita pocket; pomegranate arils!!; baby carrots; grapes; strawberries; broccoli (my favorite space-filler); a half-bloomed ham flower (my second favorite space-filler).

Been a long time! My hours at work have been crazy, so I have procrastinated making lunches work often. On a bright note, I bought some LunchSkins reusable bags for my lazy throw-it-in-a-lunchbox days. Love them.

I made two others similar to this the same week, but I forgot that I was supposed to photograph them. I remembered that fact when I was about 3/4 through eating both of them. Whoops!

Caroler bento
Back after our two-week fall break! I was planning to do Halloween themed bentos all this week and then I kinda lost steam mid-week. Friday's was the best of the bunch so it can be the representative one outside the cut. And Monday through Thursday can hide out here.Collapse )Friday: Rice ball ghost with nori decoration. Hard-boiled egg ghost. Bell pepper. Cucumber. Grapes. Tomatoes and carrots for third-grader.

bento 10-26-12
14th-Oct-2012 02:17 am(no subject)
How long do inarizushi wrappers last? I have a few packs that I bought at the beginning of summer. They are the kind in a plastic package in seasoned liquid. I've kept them refrigerated since then. Are they ok to eat or should I toss them now?
13th-Oct-2012 08:01 pm - Back to school time!
Its been a while!! I hope everyone's school year is going well!

Ahhh classes have started again... and so does the obento making. I have four days a week I could be making them, three where its nice and one were I really need it... yet I have been lazy in the morning. XD Regretting it come lunch time.

360ml Lock&Lock: rice, ginger marinated chicken, potato, zucchini, broccoli, carrot, soy sauce. This one is a rather small lunch... but it was for one of those three days when I really only need a snack between classes. It was really nice... Everything was cooked the night before (most of it leftovers). I just had to heat it all up and pack it in my box.

One more below the cut, and a link to a giveaway on my blogCollapse )
Caroler bento

Bento 10-1-12

"Not-spicy meatballs." Mini farfalle with parmesan. Bell pepper. Peach. Spinach. Third-grader has carrots and tomatoes.

rest of weekCollapse )
carousel family

bento 9-24-12

Wholegrain penne with parmesan. Pork. Grapes. Bell pepper. Broccoli. Third-grader has carrots also.

Rest of weekCollapse )
Millie bento

bento 9-17-12

Sandwiches with blackberry jam or sun butter. Pork chop. Bell pepper. Cucumber. Kinder has broccoli; third-grader has carrots and homegrown tomatoes.

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23rd-Sep-2012 08:25 am(no subject)
Fukuro Bento:

Owl or rather penguin Bento... chicken nuggets with mayo, onigiri, inarizushi, mochi & plum for dessert
Website: nekoblog.ch
20th-Sep-2012 09:56 am - Bento for two adults on a hill walk
fan, harisen
This vegetarian offering is humble and healthy but not particularly decorative as I was pressed for time:

From the left:
- cucumber sticks and carrot sticks to share
- fruit layer: plum, peach, fig
- savoury layer: cubes of French sheep's cheese from the Pyrenees (ossau iraty), felafel, vine leaves stuffed with rice, pine nuts and sultanas. Oh, and there's a lone yellow cherry tomato hiding in there too.

The smaller box has the same fruit and savoury layer. There were also more cherry tomatoes in a separate container.  The menu was a bit light on carbohydrate but we had a big dinner to look forward to!

18th-Sep-2012 11:57 am - Tonight's bento
The flowers may be wearing off my pretty sakura bento, but the inside hasn't been affected by my scrubbing, so I'm guessing it's still safe to use. :) (Also! My iPod died, so I took the picture with my 3DS. Grainier AND low-res--aren't I lucky?)

Far container: Tamagoyaki, spinach pasta, cherry tomatoes, cheese wedge, 1 mini-muffin (hiding under the cheese)

Near container: Mixed vegetables, another mini-muffin, cherry tomato, steamed spinach.

Not pictured: Greek yogurt with honey. Mmmm.

Stuff I've learnedCollapse )
carousel family

bento 9-10-12

Rice and nori swirls. Emergency chocolate cake. Tamagoyaki. Bell pepper. Broccoli. Grapes. Carrots. Homegrown tomato for the third-grader.

Tuesday through FridayCollapse )
The other week, I was running low on just about everything, and left my bento to the last minute. Imitation crab (and double portions of spinach) to the rescue!

Left container: Onigiri, imitation crab, soy sauce bottle
Right container: 2 spinach containers, carrots, and trail mix

It may not be a pretty bento, but it gets the job done.

Bento damage questionCollapse )
11th-Sep-2012 10:36 am - Ingredients question
A lot of bento recipes use shiozake, and I'm curious about substitutes.

See, my local grocery store has decided that the period before Rosh Hashana should be Kosher Week (instead of just...making kosher stuff available ALL the time?) so they have lox VERY prominently displayed in the breakfast-meats section.

Lox is...salted salmon. Would lox as a substitute for shiozake in a bento make sense? I know I'd still have to cook it, but other than that is there much of a difference?
Caroler bento

Mini farfalle with parmesan. Sausage (Aidell's sun-dried tomato). Bell pepper. Grapes. Carrots. Cucumber. Plus homegrown tomato for the 3rd grader.

Wednesday, Thursday, FridayCollapse )
Caroler bento
Crazy week, so here they are all at once!


Broccoli, grapes, colby-jack cheese, carrots, bell pepper, rice-and-nori swirls with salmon.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and FridayCollapse )
24th-Aug-2012 11:59 am - Bento for third-grader
Caroler bento
My little one is home sick today, so only one bento this time.

bento 8-24-12

Salmon. Bell pepper. Broccoli. Carrots. Grapes. Homegrown tomatoes. Quick cheesy drop biscuits.
Caroler bento
bento 8-23-12

Foccacia with sea salt, parmesan, and dill; sliced turkey; bell pepper; broccoli; carrots; grapes; plus a home-grown tomato for the third-grader.
carousel family
bento 8-22-12

Both have a hard-boiled egg, carrots, quick cheesey drop biscuits, lettuce, broccoli, bell pepper, mini emergency chocolate cake. My third-grader also has home-grown tomatoes.
Millie bento
bento 8-21-12

Mini penne with parmesan. Tamagoyaki. Broccoli. Bell pepper. Grapes. Home-grown tomatoes for the third grader.
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