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Bento Lunches
bento#32 plus new boxes!! 
12th-Feb-2013 12:06 am
hedgehog :P

Sorry for the horrid picture! My cell is usually better than this.

On the left (bottom tier): brown rice; lemon pepper chicken; baked zucchini fries; ranch
On the right (top tier): my best ever attempt at apple bunnies; ham, provolone, and spinach pinwheels; Babybel; a few candies; some cashews and almonds because I couldn't justify filling that whole space with candy xD

This, to me, screamed for some baby carrots where the candy and nuts are. Too bad we were out. :/

You wouldn't know it, but the box is actually a deep purple. It also came with another white piece that latches onto the other, so you could cover the larger part (where my rice is) and/or add something thin to your lunch while keeping it separate.The lid has latches on either side that clip onto the bottom tier to hold everything together. My other new box is the same style, but it's only one tier.

Both boxes came from My Bento Meal. They had a Groupon a short while ago where you could get two boxes for $18! Not an amazing deal, but still pretty good. They are larger than the children's ones I already had and seem to be durable and good quality so far, so I will consider it a good purchase.
12th-Feb-2013 12:41 pm (UTC)
I got a couple of those from Groupon, too! I like that they came with little utensils too.
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